Family Ties, or Family Lies?

December 11, 2008
The shadowy figure dashed across the busy highway. I watched as men in blue uniforms ran after him. "Mom can you hurry up?" I exclaimed. I was already late for football practice and I wasn't going to be any more late than I already was because of a little distraction. "The police will catch him..." I thought to myself as I stepped out of the van and ran towards the field.
Today's practice was exhausting. As soon as it was over I walked home to relax, and go to bed. I was walking home when I saw a group of people crowded around a figure lying on the ground. As I worked my way through the crowd, I could faintly tell that the figure was a woman. As I got closer and closer, I started to recognize her. "Mom!" I rushed my way through the crowd. I knelt beside her body, hoping this was all just a horrible nightmare. I asked the officers what had happened. They told me that their best guess was that a thief that robbed a bank earlier today stole her car, killing her so that she wouldn't say anything.
Then I remembered the man I saw earlier. I could faintly remember him, he was clutching a bag. The bag was partially opened, and something fell out. The object was flat and light, floating away as if it wanted to escape the hands of the villain. The object of course, was a hundred dollar bill. The man I thought the police would put to justice, was the murderer of my mother.
I asked the officers if they knew who committed this horrible crime. I listened keenly as they slowly began to tell me that their best guess was a twenty-six year old man by the name of Arnold Greene. "It can’t be possible" I thought to myself. Arnold Greene was my older brother that moved away a couple of years ago. "There has to be some mistake!" I exclaimed. "He left his fingerprints on the lamp post, probably where he strangled and killed the victim." I’ve heard enough, I shoved my way out of the crowd and walked home.

As I walked through the front door of my house, thousands of thoughts filled my head. I walked towards an old family picture, one with my older brother in it. As soon as I saw Arnold in the picture, I hurtled it across the room. The glass shattered into a million pieces and the picture was ruined. I ran up to my bedroom and collected my belongings, “Only what I need.” I thought to myself as I frantically rummaged through my drawers.

I ran to the only place that was the closest thing to home. I ran up the stairs of the balcony and knocked on the door of my best friends’ house. Jimmy, my best friend, answered the door. “Why do you have all of your stuff?” He looked shocked and scared at the same time, and then he slowly moved to let me in. I told him what happened. “I’ll just stay here until I turn eighteen, then I can join the military,” I told him. He barely said a word, but I knew that he agreed to it.

It’s been twenty years, and now I am a retired general of the marines. I completed my promise to Jimmy and I left as soon as I turned eighteen. I was such a great soldier, that they promoted me to general and I left five years later. Now, I have a new goal. Find my brother, and put him in prison.

I gathered enough information about him to find out where he is, and where he is going. I drove to his current address and I pull over in front of his house. I brake in with a gun in hand. I look through the entire house, but I can’t find him. I hack onto his computer and I figure that he’s going to Mexico. “I’ll catch him” I thought to myself.

I get on an airplane to Mexico and arrive 6 hours later. I drive to the Hilton Hotel anxious to put him in prison. I get to the eighth floor and stop at room 521. I kick the door down with all of my strength, and manage to break the door. I run in the room with a gun in hand, and I look at my brother on the balcony ready to jump off. “What are you doing?!?” I yell from across the room. “I made a mistake, now I’ll help everyone when I’m gone!” he blasted back. With one great leap, he jumped off the balcony and pummeled to the ground fifty feet below. I run to the balcony, and look at the dead body below. Although I hated him for killing our mother, I was drowned with sadness because he was family. I call the ambulance and tell them what happened. Before the ambulance came, I quickly dispersed. My destination, home.

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