Alex and His Scary Moments

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

The Knight
Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a kid named Alex Meows. Alex loved knights and loved to read about them. Alex was in seventh grade and was in social studies the whole year of school and the topic was “The Knight.” This is how the story starts.

One day when he was walking home from school and he thought that he saw a knight on a horse charging at him. So he ducked into a mud puddle and after the knight was gone he ran home and said to his mom, ”Hey mom, when I was coming home, I thought saw a knight on a horse charging at me, that is the reason I am wet.”
“Honey you are just seeing things.”
“No I am not,” said Alex.
“Honey just gets to bed.”
“We, I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Goodnight honey.”

That night while he was in bed, he had dream about that very same thing, the knight he had seen coming home from school. He was a knight in his dream, but when he woke up everything was back to normal. He told his mom about his dream and she said, “What are you learning in Social Studies.”

Alex said, “KNIGHTS.”

“Honey I’m pulling you out of school,” said his mom.

That day his mom and dad were searching for him. They couldn’t find him because he was down in the sewer underneath the bank. But his parents didn’t know that he was under the bank.

So the next day his parents found him in front of the bank. He had a ton of cash on top of him. He was in the hospital for three weeks just to make sure he was healthy.

The Person that went to Jail
Chapter 2

Once upon a time, there was a person that loved to rob banks around in this huge town that had twelve stores and six banks. The city that I am talking about is Des Moines. The banks had cameras and so did the stores. The police station was three miles out of town because they needed more houses in the town for people to live in. The fire department was right across the police station on the main highway-heading north.

The person that I am talking about is Alex Meows a famous person that loved guitars and stole a lot of money from the banks. One day he came to city called Des Moines. He was married to woman named Amanda Schiller. Alex was very good and very fast at robbing banks and other things that had money. He wanted to get the money to go to a concert, which you had to get in for $50 a person. He wanted to take his mom because she loved ACDC music. When he robbed, banks this is what he looked like this:

This is Alex as a bank robber

One day while he was coming to town he saw how big it was and he bought a house on Main Street, so he moved in and saw that there was no electricity and he said, “Well at least there is no electricity.” The reason he said that is because he did not want the police to find him and arrest him. You see he just hates cops especially Polk County Police Department.

That night he went to the bank and said, “Well I shall just go somewhere and put something on fire to distract them while I rob the bank at midnight.” Therefore, he put the store that most people went to on fire and the cops and the fire department came and tried to but they could not because the fire was so big because the store was big.

Therefore, he robbed the bank and nobody had seen because the alarm never went off because they have not even put any in. So after he robbed the bank there was a kid right outside the bank and then the kid ran home and called the police and the police came and he was gone and he put a note on the door of the bank saying, “Yours truly the robber.”

The next day the police came over to the kid’s house and asked if he could describe the person that he had seen last night. Therefore, the kid described him and told him everything and the cops started looking for him. The next day they started looking on Main Street and they came and asked the Home Association for them to look for an identity on the man that robbed the bank.

The next day they found out who he was and tried to find them but he had left the city that morning. Well the story keeps going on but I guess I shall tall you the ending of this story.

It was a glorious afternoon on a spring day in Des Moines and Alex had finally come back from where he was hiding. Then the kid was thirteen yrs. old and he saw the person that had robbed the bank of Des Moines and went to tell the police about it. Therefore, the police came, found him, and arrested him and then the town was back to normal. Alex had to serve thirteen years in prison.

You see the cops had looked all over the town and been to the Channel 6 news and then they finally gave up the search. Then this day finally came and the kid finally found him. The place where he hid was in a junkyard outside of the town.

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