The Semi

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

This story is about Alex, and he gets a new car from his mom on his birthday. The type of the car is a Ferrari from the shop that his mom paid for in Des Moines. The Ferrari is the car that he had always wanted, but his dad passed away the day that he got the car. Alex gave the first car that he got to his mom.

Well it was Tuesday morning on a beautiful, wonderful day in August. Today it was Alex’s birthday and he is 17 years old and has a driver’s license. He asked his mom if he could go and buy a car. Alex loved to spend money on things he wanted.
That night he took it out for a drive. He came home and told his mom that the car drives very smooth and that he loves her. Then his dad came home with a Ford truck for Alex that night. Therefore, he took the truck out for a drive and he said the truck drives very smooth and that he loved him for that.
He got a job that his dad requested for him and Alex said okay. So he went to his job the next day and he came home and said that it was fun and that he enjoyed it. Alex said it was fun driving the semi. So the next day he went to work and the semi broke down when he was making a delivery to his dad’s auto shop. So he called his dad where he was so he could come and find him so he wouldn’t be fired.

So the next day when he came home from work his dad found out that the semi was leaking oil in the garage. The next day he found out that the semi was leaking oil in the garage and so he started getting to work. He found out that the oil tank had a hole in it and the substance was still stuck in it. So therefore, Alex asked his dad if he could help him fix the truck before he had to get to work that morning.
That night he finally got back to work from fixing the semi and his dad gave him a note explaining what took him so long. Therefore, Alex’s boss did not fire him from what he did. Instead, he has to work an extra day and that meant he could earn more money from his boss.
Therefore, the next day he got $1,800 from his boss one month later and he found another job that he wanted and paid good money. The new job that he got was an assistant manager with his old boss that he needed and wanted. He was going to work the next day and all of a sudden, his semi got a flat tire on the trailer that he did not want and the debris of the tire flung into one of the cars behind him. The person in the car behind him got out came and through him out and then the person got into his semi and stepped on the gas. Therefore, Alex got up and went after the person that took the semi and then he remembered about his cell phone. Therefore, he called the police about a semi stolen. The next day he found his semi that was as good as new.

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