Report 1: Enhanced Humans' Exist?

July 23, 2014
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5th June 2014 – A secret lab has been discovered in the North Pole. The lab was found by Mr. Mosaic, a member of the Eskimo tribe that live there. Mr. Mosaic was fishing when he bumped into what looked like a huge white rock. “It was so perfectly hidden that I almost didn’t notice it,” said the 32 year old fisher man.

Abandoning his discovery, Mr. Mosaic went to call a few men to help him get in. Unable to get in, the men were soon convinced that the lab had a strong security system. The men informed their tribe leader, Mr. Ong Loo Fai, who later contacted the police.

7th June 2014 – The police, not finding the report serious, only sent two agents to the stated location. Upon arrival, the agents were immediately lead to where the lab stood. Using their equipment, the police were soon able to get in. “It seemed new and the security was strong indeed,” reported the agents “for it took us an hour to get in.”

When the lab was searched, it seemed that whoever was in it escaped. “There was a mess and papers and files everywhere,” reported the agents. The agents found information connected to human experiments and decided to look further into the lab. The agents found a huge tank of blue liquid. Inside the tank was a body.

The agents were able to save the little girl in the tank. The agents soon found some documents connected to the girl. It seemed as though she was experimented on. The agents called for assistance and evacuated the lab, carrying the little girl with them.

“We will keep the girl for detailed observation. Whoever these ‘scientist’s’ are, they will be given the right punishment for their crime. These people are clearly more dangerous than terrorists and have to be watched out for. We will keep looking for them and take great safety measures to ensure our citizens are safe,” said Mr. Jason, head of the central special agents head quarters, at the meeting.

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