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The Terrible Tale of "Feminine Teen Sensations"

July 25, 2014
By JacobTheOrdinary PLATINUM, Rancho Cucamonga, California
JacobTheOrdinary PLATINUM, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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"Fiction is the lie that tells the truth."

She's gone now. Move on. Man up. She doesn't deserve you. If she couldn't see how much of a good person you are...

It'd be nice for all of you to shut up so I could actually think for a bit. I'm trying to comprehend what is happening but with all of you hounding me, it's hard not to see the forest for the trees even when I can think. Gah! Just get me home as soon as possible.

The supportive reminders of my failed attempt at love continue on during lunch, through 5th and 6th period and afterward, while I wait for my ride because I am the only seventeen year old at this school who doesn't have a driver’s permit or license. When she came to pick me up, my mom noticed my acute depression.

"What's wrong, honey?" 

"What's wrong is people. They always think that everyone's business is their business and they enjoy sticking their nose into my personal life."

"Excuse me?"

"Not you, mom. Teenagers. They just don't know when to leave something alone until it explodes in their face."

"So teenagers? That's the problem?"
"Is it Kelsey?"

"If it makes you feel any better, you can invite over one of your friends."

"Thanks mom."

By the end of our conversation, there was still a good three minutes of driving until the car pulls into the garage, so I turned on the radio to avoid the awkward silence. Lucky me, it was a song by some new feminine teen sensation singing about how her boyfriend is now her ex because of stupid reasons like greed, fame, and lust. I now would have preferred the awkward silence. 

It's hard to ignore the world when you are surrounded by it. Good thing I have the electronic simulation of the post-apocalyptic war zone that is videogames. As I mutilate another alien that wishes to steal the little resources that earth has left, my phone rings. It's just a text, so I ignore it until it rings again. It's Johnny, my best friend since sixth grade. 
"Bro, wanna hang?"

"Killing zombies or aliens?"
"Aliens. They fight back better." Sometimes, it's just nice to run right into battle and get shot up. It helps ease my pain when I see myself portrayed as a robotic soldier dead on the ground. Then, when those aliens throw a bomb on my corpse just to make sure I'm dead, it makes me feel important. 

"Alright. Be there in 5."

"See you then. Don't die on your way over."
"I'll try not to."

I managed to commit fictional suicide three more times until the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Kelsey. Kelsey, of all people at my front door, it HAD to be Kelsey. 

"Hi," she said. Before I could say anything, she leaned toward my face and started to kiss me. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away from me.

I was so confused and searching for answers to why my ex girlfriend is on my porch trying to make out with me. "What?"

"Can I come in?"

"What's going on?"

"May I come in? I'd rather not be explaining outside." Thanks to my confusion and my mother, she came in. Since she knows her way around my home, she guided me to the living room couch. We sat down and she put a hand on my cheek. She kissed me again. Why is my ex trying to make out with me? I pushed away again and said, "Explain."

"Oh, yeah. Okay. My friends hate you because they heard the rumor of you cheating on me. So I wanted to put our public personal life on hiatus because of this scandal going about the school."

"And then what?" This cursed question forces us to think about the future and nobody wants to think about the future because everyone knows that the future is practically impossible to predict. 

"Well, I don't know. Just, I want what's best for everyone."

"You can't always please everyone," That's what I believe is wrong with this world. Every single person has their own preferences. No one on earth likes exactly all the same things as someone else. We're so unique and that makes us individualistic and independent. I continued, "I just need to know is that do you want whats best for us?"

She seemed stunned and couldn't think up of a response. She struggled for words.
"I... I..." 
"I think we need to go on hiatus. I am breaking up with you until you understand that our relationship is us, not you and me. You are welcome to stay as long as you wish but I'm going to be playing videogames with Johnny here as soon as he-" 
The doorbell rang.

It wasn't Johnny at the door like I was suspecting, only a salesman. However, as soon as I told that scam of a man to leave, I saw Johnny's rusty pick-up circling the cul-de-sac to pull in front of my house. He nearly hit Kelsey's Prius. He slammed the driver's side door shut and, as he walked towards the front door, hollered, "What the hell is she doing here!" 

"Can you please not shout 'hell' as you walk toward my house."

"Okay," he said and, turning around to face the neighborhood, shouted "HELL!" Then he strolled inside saying, "I wasn't walking that time." Seeing Kelsey, he interrogated, "So why are you here?"

"I..." she stuttered again.

"I can explain," I spoke upon her behalf, "she has rediscovered the love she has for me because she couldn't resist how well I can do her." Johnny laughed.

Kelsey gave me a death stare. "I'm just kidding. She fake broke up with me to please the general population and because of that, I actually broke up with her."

"So she's available?" Johnny joked as he pretended to lay a cheesy move on her. 

"No. Because I still love her but she needs to mature in OUR relationship. Alright, I'll see you downstairs." He got the hint and left. I kissed Kelsey.

"I'll be waiting for you, but now, it's time for you to go." I said to Kelsey as she started to leave. We walked to her car. She opened her door, spun, and kissed me.

"I love you," she whispered into my ear as she hugged me for the last time that day. 

"I love you too." I watched her round the corner and walked inside to aid my friend in the murder of imperialistic aliens.

The author's comments:
This is just a short story series I am working on. I hope to collect all these short stories and put it into a novel form. Look out for more "The Terrible Tale of..." short stories by MEEEEH. Also, the chair is a chair. It has no meaning to the story whatsoever. It's a mighty fine looking chair. Isn't it. Doesn't look all that comfy though. what a pity.

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on Jul. 27 2014 at 9:42 am
Kestrel135 PLATINUM, Waterford, Connecticut
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"Respect existence or expect resistance"

This was a pretty good story. You had some very real characters that I could picture in real life and relate to. Also, the fact that in school, your business is everyone's business, is very relatable. I like the story - it's short, but sweet, and carries the weight of what having a relationship in highschool can be like (at least how I picture it being like). My only suggestion is maybe add a little more description? You have a great story, but it's difficult to picture what people look like. Honestly though, it's a miniscule detail that didn't take away from the story. On a whole, great job! Keep writing!

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