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July 24, 2014
By , Midlothian, VA
Danny walked through the door. It had been several days since he had last spoken with her, and he was very eager to continue their conversation. He knew that it hadn’t gone well due to him having to cut it short, although it wasn’t his fault. She’d understand, and he was sure that she would give him a second chance.

All of these thoughts passed through his mind in the first five seconds that it took him to go from the closing door to the couch. She was in her characteristic armchair, alternating between her notes on Danny, and Danny himself, as he sat down. After a short silence, she opened the conversation.

“Danny, I know it has been such a long time since we last talked. How have you been?” No response “You know, just be honest with me. I guarantee you’ll feel better.” What could it hurt? With that logic in mind, Danny began to pour his heart out.

“You know, people seem to find it very entertaining to make fun of me. You know, maybe it’s just their way of makin’ friends. I just don’t understand it.” It took a second for her to respond, and when she did, it was not the response that he expected to hear.

“I can’t answer that question for you, but I can help you find the answer. For instance, a little clarity between people can go a long way, like we’re doing now. Perhaps that’s what’s going on between you and your friends?” Danny had to concede that she had a theory he had never even thought of.

“I also know that your mother loves you very much, and that she always will.” It was at this point that Danny’s mother entered the room through the same door he’d come through earlier.

“Who are you talking to?” she asked. Danny looked back at the armchair, remembering that he was in the living room of his house. The chair was empty, as it had always been.

“No one,” Danny responded in a shaky voice “absolutely no one...”

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