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abuse isn't just a word

There was a girl and her name was Summer. She had a sister named Emily and a brother named Alex. Summer was 15 years old and had long beautiful blonde hair. She was the oldest. Her brother Alex and her sister Emily were twins. They were both 12 years old, had brown hair, and they both had blue eyes. Summer’s best friend was a year older but they were both in the same grade.

Summer lived an almost perfectly normal life. She had friends, a family, and a house with food inside of it. That all changed one day when her mom, her dad, and her brother got into a major car wreck. Her brother died on the scene of the accident and her parents both had severe injuries to the skull. The day that accident happened is the day her life changed dramatically. Summer’s mom always blamed her for her brother’s death although she didn't have anything to do with it. Mom didn't want to admit it was her fault and not Summer’s. Summer’s dad didn't like how her mom would always blame Summer for Alex’s death because he knew she didn't have anything to do with it. He filed for a divorce and tried to get custody of both his daughters but he couldn't manage to get the court to grant him full custody. He gets them Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every other weekend.There mom gets them on Tuesday, Thursday, and every other weekend
It had been a month since her parents got divorced and she was doing okay. It was Friday so she was with her dad but he had to take her to her mom’s, and she didn’t want to go. Ever since the divorce her mom blamed that on her for the divorce and got more violent towards her but not towards Emily. Emily wasn't going to be there this weekend as she was going to a birthday party all weekend. It would just be Summer and her mom. She begged her dad to let her stay home but he couldn't let her because her mother wouldn't agree to that. Summer’s dad had no clue about Summer being abused by her mom. She got good at hiding the bruises and coming up with good lies. When her dad questioned her bruises she made an excuse and her dad always believed her. Other times she would wear long sleeve shirts or a jacket that she wouldn't off all day no matter how hot it was. Summer arrived at her mom’s after they dropped Emily off at her friend’s house.
“Good afternoon, Summer. How was school?” asked Summer’s mom.
“Great!” she replied lying through a smile.
“Well, come on in. Don't act like you don't know me,” Summer’s mom said with a slight chuckle.
Summer walked in and thought to herself, “I really don’t know you anymore. Before the wreck and the divorce you were the kindest, sweetest, most loving young women I had ever met, but now you're always in a bad mood never having time for your daughter's anymore. You're always aggressive towards me but never Emily and I don't know what I did wrong.”
It was a little after 5 o’clock and Summer hadn’t eaten dinner so she asked her mom,
“Can I eat dinner now?”
“NO!” Her mother screamed.
“ Why not? I’m hungry and I haven't eaten all day.” Summer said trying to hide her tears.
“ You ungrateful child! Why would you need to eat food. You're fat enough as it is! You should just stop eating for a couple of days and lose some weight.” Summer’s mom said to her.
Hearing her own mom say that made her break down to tears. She was devastated. She ran to her room and she balled her eyes out for hours. She just kept rethinking to herself , “Am I fat?” She asked herself that question over and over to the point she convinced herself she was, so she stopped eating for about a week. Summer was back at her dad’s house and she was back to her eating normal everyday. She had a couple of bruises from where her mom had hit her over the weekend. It’s Monday and her dad was taking her to school since she missed the bus. There was a high of 100 degrees. She came down in her usual outfit; a long sleeve black shirt and baggy purple sweatpants. She got in the car and her dad looked at her outfit with a concerned face.
“ You do know it’s going to be in the 100’s today. right?” said Summer’s father.
“Yes” she replied.
“Why are you still wearing winter clothes then?” Summers father asked confused still.
“ It’s like 56 degrees in the school” She said lying through the clench of her teeth.
“Okay.’ He said.

On her way to school the ride was silent and she did not speak and neither did her dad. She got to school and went to class. It was hot and she was burning up. She became dizzy and had a horrible headache, but she ignored it. Later on in the day Summer started hallucinating and next thing you know she was having a heat stroke. She woke up in a hospital. Her dad was on her left and then she turned to the right to see her mom and her sister she started freaking out.
" WHY IS SHE HERE!!" Summer exclaimed.
" You had a heat stroke they called me. Then they called your mom. We both rushed over here as fast as we could." her dad said.
She was wearing shorts now and a tank top. She was looking at all the bruises freaking out fearful of what her dad would asked.
" Summer where did all these bruises come from??” Her dad asked very concerned
Summer panicked trying to come up with a good lie. Then it hits her. She will say she fell riding her bike and that’s how she got all bruised up.
“ Summer are you going to answer?” Her dad was now puzzled trying out figure this out.
“ Oh, yeah, sorry, Dad. I was riding my bike up the big hill down the street and then I fell off my bike and I forgot to wear my helmet. I’m sorry, Daddy.” She said hoping her dad would fall for the lie.
“ Oh, well, next time will you promise to be safe?” Summers dad said.
“ Yes, Dad. I promise.” Summer said.
She was glad he fell for the lie but she hated lying to him and she did not want him to lose trust in her. She does not know what to do anymore. Outside the hospital doors she heard her mom and dad talking.
“ I’m off tomorrow and I don’t want her going to school for another day so I will watch her tomorrow.” Summer’s mom said.
“ Okay, I will drop her off around 6:30 A.M.” her dad said.
“ Okay that’s fine.” Her mom said.
Summer did not want to go to her mom’s anymore. She hated it. She hurts.
She is at her mom’s now and she is scared to death, actually death might be less scary than this. She goes in the house and sits down at a little table.
“ May I please eat?” She has her eyes closed, scared her mom is going to hit her and say no.
“ Yes, you may” Summers mom says.
“ Thank you.” Summer says.
“ You're welcome.” Her mom said.
It’s now 7:30 P.M and her dad is supposed to be there around 8:30. So far her mom has only hurt her once and it wasn't very hard but then Summer asked to change the tv channel and everything went downhill from there. Summer’s mom screamed at her and starting beating her repeatedly. Summer is screaming and crying for help. Her dad hears this happening and walks in on his ex-wife beating his daughter and screams, “ GET OFF OF HER!!” The mother stopped, shocked and looked at the clock. It said 7:45. He was early. He called the cops and arrested her. Summer’s dad got full custody of Summer and her sister.
Two weeks later Summer, still covered in bruises, is dressed nicely for her mom’s trial. She does not want to go but her dad's lawyer said she should go for the proof with the bruises and to put her statement out since she knows what really happened.
At the trail Summer gives her statement. Then her mom. Then lastly her dad. The prosecutors are processing everything and the judge calls a 20 minute recess for the prosecutors to come to a final decision. The 20 minutes are up and everyone is piling into the courtroom. Once everyone is seated and stops talking the room is silent. Then the judge speaks. “ The prosecutors have come to their final decision. Summer, your mother has been found guilty and is being charged with multiple things. She is sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. Summer is crying now not because her mom is being locked up but because she is now safe and never has to see that horrible woman again.

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