May 10, 2014
By Lynlikesthings PLATINUM, Highland Heights, Ohio
Lynlikesthings PLATINUM, Highland Heights, Ohio
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We few, we happy few

A girl, without her oxygen tank for the first time since her diagnosis, wakes up one last time to say “I’m going, I’m going.” Her sister asks where and she replies “I’m dreaming” before closing her eyes. With family by her side, she sleeps on for three more hours. The teen’s eyes open as her cancerous lungs let out their last breath. She finally let go.

As the bell rings, a girl hardly of age releases anti-Nazi pamphlets into the air. Caught, she and her brother are taken to jail. A fake trial, some last goodbyes, and a short walk later, the girl proclaims “The sun still shines!” A blade crashes down, her head removed. Too bad the Nazis never figured out how to silence a voice that dares to speak.

A man in a uniform shows up at a women’s door. Her husband was killed in the war. Weeks pass, another telegram, her brother is dead. Wearing black, the woman stands up and goes to work. Life cannot stop. The sun does not stop rising when the moon hides away, so why should she?

A dream pops into a teen’s head. The improbability and the long twisting road to achieve it instantly follows. Terrified, she buries her desire. It doesn’t leave her mind so she gives in. Accepting the risks and pain, she pulls her pen from her hair and starts writing.

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