April 15, 2014
By HaleyB15 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
HaleyB15 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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Screaming sirens rang in the distance. I had to get out of this house and into the storm shelter, only if I could find the key. I was home alone. My family had gone to my grandparents who lived two hours away. I knew they would be okay. I would be okay if only I could find the key. I felt a wave of relief as I reached for the last key on the key holder. Luckily it was the right keys. I grabbed my dog Zoe, water, some canned pineapple, my phone and ran for cover. Luckily we keep flashlights down in the shelter along with blankets. My dog and I curled up in the corner and prayed.

The rain was coming down in sheets, and I could hear the wind howling. All of a sudden it was quiet in a short of erie peaceful way. Zoe started whimpering she was so scared. All of a sudden she jumped up and started growling and barking. The Twister was so loud it hurt my ears. Zoe ran over to me, she knew how scared I was. I laid in corner as I heard debris hitting the door. The storm seemed to last forever. I listened to the storm radio that is kept down in the shelter. There was three tornadoes touch downs in my area and counting.
The radio finally said it was safe to come out. When I tried to push open the door I couldn’t. There was something big blocking a door. Most likely a tree branch. I started to panic. What was I supposed to do? Sit in here forever? I tried calling my parents but the cell tower was knocked over and I had no service. I heard voices outside. I started banging on the door and yelling. Zoe barked.

My neighbors opened the door. When I climbed out I gasped. My house was gone. My sister’s dolls were spread out all over the yard broken.The living room curtains were in a tree. I couldn't even recognize half of the items they were in such terrible shape . I found a broken bookshelf that I have never seen before. Who knows where it came from. I started to cry. Everything was gone. Nothing was left of my house. I ran for the rubble to pick up anything not in sheards. My neighbors yelled after me it wasn’t safe. The only thing I could find in that moment that had not been destroyed was my Bible. I was very grateful to find that. I sent a silent prayer for the safety of my friends and family. I ran back to where everyone was standing.

While I had been digging through the rubble, the police showed up and told everyone that the Red Cross had set up a shelter. The police gave rides to everyone. When I arrived they asked me where my family was. I told them that they were visiting my grandparents. The lady gestured towards the phone they set up and told me to call them. My Mom answered, “Kate is that you are you alright why didn't you call earlier?” I explained to her my phone isn’t working and I was in the high school. I had Zoe and I was alright. I started crying again. They would be on their way as soon as the highway was cleared.

The whole town was crowded into what was left of the high school gym. There was hardly any room at all. I sat in the corner with the blanket the Red Cross gave me and began to read my Bible. I soon fell asleep. When I woke up, My Mom and Dad were standing over me. I quickly jumped up and I was wrapped in a bear hug. They explained that they left my sister with my grandparents.

Red Cross set up a table of food. We walked over to it but no one was hungry. We were all in shock. No one believed we would ever have a tornado this bad. No one even thought that a tornado would tug at the seams of our small town and rip it apart. There were mothers calling for children. Sisters calling for brothers. Friends calling for friends. No one could bear the pain that was felt in the air of that room.The Red Cross was setting up lists of the injured that were sent to a nearby hospital. The next list being put up was casualties. They were adding names as fast as the calls came in. I recognized some of the names from school but I never had ever talked to any of them before.

They were letting families slowly go back to their homes to gather what they could find. When we arrived at our house we found some pots and pans, dolls, broken furniture. Almost everything was gone. What was left was stuff that didn't even belong to us.

We soon started our two hour drive back to my grandparents. I didn't sleep at all.I was in a daze. I stared out the window. I don't remember anything that was said in that car ride. I didn't speak nor listen. I was in too much shock to do anything.

The next few days went by in a flash. I stayed in bed most of the time. All I remember is my parents going back to the house to see if anything was salvageable. My grandmother bringing me food and making me eat my favorite soup she made. One thing that I am thankful for is that there were people from miles around who came and helped their neighbors that they never have met. That is what makes living in America so great. Everyone is willing to help anyone in need. Even if they are in need of help also.

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on Apr. 25 2014 at 11:39 am
Sammie Harris, Highland Village, Texas
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This is an amazing article!  Excellent job! Please post more of your work!!!


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