Stomp to Your Own Beat

April 8, 2014
By BIueTay BRONZE, Indio, California
BIueTay BRONZE, Indio, California
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Favorite Quote:
Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming.
-Tom Hiddleston

May, that's when it all started. The flowers were in bloom, the artists painting flowers and the musicians writing their own music. They call me Jane, I play the electric guitar and no one will ever cross me, except for one girl who told her daddy she hated our music. Brigit Smith, her daddy is mayor Smith, what he says goes. Honestly, we are all sick of it.

" Watch it emo!" Brigit spit

" Why don't you watch where you're going conformist!" I said

" What does that even mean?"

" A conformist is a person who follows traditional standards! Like you."

" Daddy! She called me a bad word!" She squealed

" Young lady what did you call my daughter?" said Mr. Smith

" A conformist, which she is."

" Brigit you are kind of a....."


" No, I can't, *sigh* but I can kick her out of the mall."

" Sir with all do respect you can't kick me out of a mall for battles your daughter can't fight."

" Just leave and you can come back in ten minutes, okay?" he whispered

" Yes sir."

I didn't go back because there was nothing I needed at the mall. I plopped down on my bed and screamed into my pillow. I don't understand how she can get almost whatever she wants with the snap of her fingers! She probably won't last long in the real world, next thing you know she is working at a Del Taco. I hear a vibrating noise, it's my phone, Carolyn finally called. I decided to ignore the call because I'm tired. The conformists are starting to take over the world. Where is the individuality? What happened to people? Suddenly when they cross the age of thirty they start to act like, like little children who want to go home from church.

The next day at school, there were posters for a band performance at a rally. I took one of the posters and ran to my friends, a.k.a my bandmates. We all studied the poster and decided that we would enter the contest. It would take forever to decide what song we would do. It took a week but we all decided to do a cover of Rat a Tat by Fall Out Boy. We would take out all of the inappropriate parts so they would allow us to sing it. It was finally time to audition. My hands were shaking as we were getting ready to perform.

" It's the Beats baby." Laney said

" Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat tat, HEY!" we said

Then we started playing, being on stage felt so right. The stage lights in our faces, the music just flowed out of us. I felt in control.

" Stop this racket!" a squealy voice said

We stopped playing, then we looked left, it was Brigit. How could I forget she was head of the Rally commitee?

" This music is atrocious!"

" It's good and it's a song with meaning." said Laney

" Be quiet you! You wouldn't know good music if it hit you in the head!" she screamed

" Why is your idea of music all of that pop, meaningless, conformist, trash on the radio?" I said into the michrophone

She looked at me with a glare that said, you'll pay for that. Then I glared back, come at me! Her eyes widened. She stormed up on the stage.

" As of today, no more music with instruments, only pop music is allowed at this Rally and there is nothing you can do to change my mind!" She said into the mic

Everyone stopped, Chazz dropped his drumsticks, Melony's mouth was gaping open, Laney fell to her knees, and I did the most reasonable thing at the moment. I put my guitar down, looked her straight in the eye, and said, " Eventually your empire will fall", then I stomped out. I felt so frustrated! I wanted to punch a wall! I screamed. Everyone was looking at me. I turned as red as a tomato. Chazz chased after me.

" Hey calm down a minute will you?" he said

" I will not calm down! She took away our music!"

" She'll probably forget about it in a week. It's fine."

He hugged me, and then I thought, yeah, it's Brigit what could she do?

A week later, Brigit was standing on the stage at the rally. Alright now for a special surprise! Here is your band for the rally Boyz With Blonde Hair! All the girls screamed. The guys sat there with dismay, and my jaw could be in China right now. I nudged Chazz.

" This is what they replaced us with?" I said

" Sadly, yes. I strongly suggest you don't do any...."


" thing, like that...." said Chazz

Brigit grabbed the mic, and said

" Yes I replace your cruddy band with a good one." she said


The crowd gasps.

" What are the stakes?" she said

" If my band wins we all get rights to ANY music at the rally, and if we lose you can take my lucky guitar and control the music rights."

" Deal!"

WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST GET US INTO? My bandmates are going to kill me! I stood up to Brigit Smith though, that makes me happy.We have no idea what song we are going to do. We all sat in a circle, looking at each other. Then Melony snapped.

" I got it! We can sing Fight for Your Right!" Melony said

" Yeah!" We all agreed

We began practicing right then and we kept going until the battle. We dressed like true bandmembers, Brigit and her band dressed in some pop trash clothes that made me sick.

" Break a leg." said Brigit

" I will, just not mine." Laney said

The music was playing and Brigit and her girl band were singing C'mon by Ke$ha. She can't sing, Brigit sounded like a dying zebra. We laughed, then when her performance was over, we went up on stage. All of those eyes staring at us. Finally my mouth was at the mic.


We started to jam, my guitar sounded great, Chazz was beating those drums, Melony rocked tht bass, and Laney was singin so perfectly. Everything went great we got a standing ovation! Both bands went on stage and the crowd voted. Brigit's band got a single clap, we got the whole crowd to stand up and cheer!

" I guess we win." I said

" I still sing better, I'M ON YOUTUBE!"

" Wait, you're the goat girl?"

" Goat girl?" she said

I pulled up the video of her singing like a goat, and the views were over one million! She ran off.

" That's what happens when you get when you try to take our music!"

We all decided to walk to McDonald's, and that is where our fame began.

The author's comments:
This piece is about music.

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