Person In the Mirror

March 2, 2014
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There is a moment in one's life when you look yourself in the mirror and see that what stands before you is a person you've become. Love or hate, to cherish yourself on all levels or deny yourself respect. To find yourself a leader or to find yourself a dreamer, is up to you to decide. Whatever you use to get away, to break away, is your desire. Music speaks to you, books read you, adrenaline, sports pleases you. Either way you have to live with that person in the mirror.

The youth today have changed from the youth yesterday. Crime, guns, drugs, sex corrup their minds, our minds. What we see feed our minds and controls our drives. What we do today we'll have to face tomorrow or the next day. Boys never respecting girls, but more importantly, girls never respecting themselves. Sex, sex, and sex abuses the youth's minds but that's what the adults feed them. Crime over runs our nation due to the great debates that will determine the fate of a youth's life. Either way, you have to live with that person in the mirror.

Now if you don't like what you see, change the man in the mirror. Don't bury your head in the sand, dig it out and take a stand. Hold yourself higher and brighter to live for the future. If you curse someone else, first turn to yourself and see if you see them in you. Live to improve today, live to improve tomorrow. This is the world you lie in so make the best of its gifts. Cause either way, you have to live with that person in the mirror.

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