The Truth for Anna

February 12, 2014
Once upon a time there was a young girl named Anna, and she is about to undertake the biggest adventure of her life. She is about to be going into high school. I know that it might not be a big deal for most people to be going in to high school. The thing is that her mom, dad, two cousins work at the school where she will be attending then one of her older brother goes to that school.

To Anna everything is changing so fast that everything so by in a blink of an eye. The reason for this is that her oldest brother moved out to go to college four hours away, her grandma moved out of her house that Anna has knew since she was a little infant, and she was growing up which she doesn’t think that it should happen. Even though she was 14 at the time she still doesn’t want to grow up as fast as she is. Everyone is asking what she wants to be when she grows up and she doesn’t want to admit it, but weather she likes it or not soon she has to answer them.

All Anna wants to do is stay young forever, or go to a place that doesn’t have any drama, hurt, or tears, she knows that that place is only in her imagination. Well not really, but the other way to get to that place in dying, and she doesn’t want to do that quite yet. She never really got over why she was always picked on when she was little. One of the main reasons was that her mom and a teacher that most kids in her class and grade despised which was fine by her out that is what she thought when she was younger because as long was they didn’t pick on her she was fine with. What Anna didn’t realize that the things people said about her mom when she was little didn’t bother her then but know that she has grown up she has realized that the older she gets the more she fight the urge to smoke the people who say those mean things about her family.

Something Anna has struggled with her whole life is admitting that she really cares about her brothers her brothers. She knows that she has to like them because they are family, but inside all she wants to do is smoke them. The reason for that is for the things that they say to her, sure she say mean stuff back to them, but it is just different in her mind. To her it was ok to say mean stuff to her brothers because she was the youngest and the only girl so she could do what ever she wanted to do. Anna soon realize what her brothers really meant to her, the only reason for this was first of all one moved away to go to college and the other one is only one year older so Anna doesn’t really trust him like she did with her oldest brother.

Sure her brother and her have gotten into a couple fights, but in the end they are still family and family always looks out for each other. In her mind family may hate each other to the end of the world and back but they still have to put up with them though thick and thin.

Anna’s family has bonded together in many different ways. For example her mom and her have bonded over an addicting crime show, Criminal Minds. Then her younger older brother the bond is over the Fast & Furious series and over Chuck. Her oldest brother is tough to tell them what they have bonded over because they don’t really talk, but if I would have to guess if would be over the love for reading. Anna and her dad have always been close, but something that they both like is the outdoors. Her whole family dislikes their aunt, but all pretends that they do in fact like her.

Anna life truly has changed for her, but though her great trials she has learned how to stick up for herself. She might not be the type of girl most people would think is cool or popular. To her as long as she has you loyal friends by her side she can do any thing. On day when she in older she might tell you how lucky she is to have the experience that she has because though all the tears and bruises she has learn who she can really count on. Most of the time she is like a fish out of water, but every once in a while she can become like a duck and just flies away.

So you have heard about Anna. Can you tell me who she is and how can you help her make this adjustment a little easier for her to handle. I think she needs a little more than the usual stuff like it will get better or well everyone is going though the same stuff. Well to her nothing will ever get better, and not everyone is going through the same stuff because she didn’t see anyone else get picked on because their mom was a teacher and the kids hated her to the ends of the Earth. If you were wondering the story is all about me.

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annmariemeyer said...
Mar. 4, 2014 at 3:03 pm
I like this because it shows how hard it is to be in High School.
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