Ocean Cliff Diving

January 23, 2014
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My feet were buried in the sand. The hot summer day seemed to melt them, but for some reason I didn’t mind. The ocean mist washed over my body cocooning me in its embrace. The smell of salt and voices of children’s laughter was pure relaxation. I had been waiting for this day for quite some time.

Out of the ocean mist I heard large splashes. People were jumping into the water off of a cliff nearby. I went over there to check out the scene and see what was going on and I noticed that they were only a bunch of teens that were cliff diving. Soon I had found myself striping to my bikini, and jogged towards the cliff. I looked down at the ocean beneath me. It was a long drop.

“Go,” said one of the teenage boys standing there waiting for their turn on the cliff. I guess I had taken too long because before I knew it, I was pushed off the cliff and soon enough into the freezing ocean water. As I hit the water, it had stung my arms and legs. I guess I shouldn’t have been moving around to much, but that had never come to my mind. I looked up and all of the teen boys were laughing.

“Geronimo!” One of the teen boys had jumped off the cliff. I swam to get out of the way. I reached the shore and went back to the edge of the cliff. “How was that?” “Not bad,” I answered to one of the boys. “You going to go again or what?” “Of course I am. That was fun.” I leaped off the cliff again and hit the cold ocean water beneath me.

After a while, we all took a break and went to the shack that was on the ocean’s shore. We all had us some triple stacked ice cream cones. We all spread out our towels next to each other’s and lay side by side looking up at the roaring sun. the day grew hotter and hotter. We all decided to call it a night. And we knew in that moment that it wasn’t the last that we would hang out. We knew that one day we would find each other cliff diving again. We all had a great laugh and said our good-byes.

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