Sound of a Band

January 23, 2014
By Dakota_Mayo PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
Dakota_Mayo PLATINUM, Torrington, Wyoming
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The room filled with many majestic sounds. My ears filling with the sound of music that the band was playing. I could tell right away, Wolfgang Mozart.

The Saxophones and their sophisticated sound. The Tubas, Baritones, and Trombones with their heavy bass sounds.

The rat-a-tat-tat from the Snare Drums and loud booming sounds coming from the drums.

The French Horns were all lined up the trumpets being right next to them. Their sounds lifted up into the air to catch everybody’s attention.

The clarinets and flutes taking over the piece with a peaceful duet so quiet and soft just flowing right in with the song.

Then the whole band all came in as one. Their sound producing something big. All of the melodies and harmonies coming together making a beautiful noise.

The conductor stood upon his platform waving his arms around in the air in order to keep the band on the right tempo. Pointing his baton out different sections in the band. Telling when and where every section comes in.

The band produces a loud sound that holds for longer than an 8 count. Soon the note fades out. The conductor waves his hands motioning that it is the end of the piece. His arms go down and all the instruments follow as well.
The audience gives out a loud applause and they all stand to their feet. Whistling and “Whooping” fills the room. The band stands with the conductor and they take a bow as their way of saying thanks.

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