The Creature

January 27, 2014
It was odd I'II give you that. A strange small creature, that stared straight up at you. It’s beady eyes rolling across your face like it was reading a book. Its scaly back rolled down, sloping like a hill. But as you run away from its ugliness you realise it has turned into something truly beautiful. Forcing you to run back and beg for forgiveness… you beg and beg for years until its new victims come along. And they once again run from it’s ugliness only to realise its beauty. Until more and more people come, all rushing back to beg for forgiveness. Years later there are hundreds upon thousands upon millions all begging and begging. All never giving up, living in a constant cycle. Then the sun comes up and the creatures beauty begins to fade, and the hundreds upon thousands upon millions start to retreat. Leaving only one, the only one who sees the hideous creatures beauty before it turns into a princess. And when the moon comes up and the hundreds upon thousands upon millions don’t come back to beg for forgiveness. The creature is okay because it still has the heart of the person who truly saw it’s beauty. Seasons pass and a years fade away. And the person who truly saw the creatures beauty dies. And the creature begins the cycle again only to find that at nightfall she doesn’t turn beautiful and no one comes back to beg for forgiveness. She realises she has lost her beauty.

The sun rushes to aid the now truly ugly creature but the moon quickly turns its back on it. Thousands of days pass and the creature does not transform. Decades run by and the creature waits to turn into a princess. And the soul of her prince passes though her once again. She finally understands that her true beauty lies within the creature not within the princess.

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