December 2, 2013
Hi, my name is Heaven.
As most of you know, bullying has become a serious issue.
Some bully for fun, and some bully because they have their own problems.
I've been bullied my whole life,
No matter how many schools I transfer too.
It never ends.
I use to be so easy to walk all over.
And abuse, for your own matters.
But now,
Barely anyone bullies me.
And when they do, I get blunt, and say what's on my mind.
I think victims of bullying, should stand up, and speak out.
You have a right to this world, just as much as they do.
Don't let what they say bring you down, because when you get out of school, the things they said or did won't matter.
You have the right to smile, to go where ever you want without being judged.
But some people think you have to fit society's ideal of perfect.
Which you don't. Who you are is who God made you to be.
You were born to make mistakes. Not fake perfection.
Your amazing, and perfect the way you are.
It's good to be different.
Because if there wasn't so many different people, this world would be a copy, and boring.
You have a chance, to be who you wanna be... So make sure you take it for granted.

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