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A New Way to Kill

“Kill a man, ones a murderer. Kill a million, a conqueror. Kill them all, a God.”

– Jean Rostand

As he nervously paced in a ten foot circle, Kenneth Bainbridge began to consider the marvelous consequences of this enormous endeavor. Modern technology was changing; even he knew that this posed a bigger threat to the world. Therefore ways to deal with tyrants like the Nazi regime and ever approaching Japanese military had to be swift and severe. But was it moral to kill tens of thousands of innocent people in the process?

The smell of cigar smoke choked the atmosphere, and it became hard to even remotely think. “What am I doing with this group of war mongers?” he thought to himself. ‘I thought I came here for science! Not for petty politics and power struggles!’ He stopped his pacing. ‘Am I doing this for America, or for a group of elitists?’ General Leslie Groves put down his cigar, which was the source of the layers of smoke that was filling the small laboratory. Kenneth gave the general a short look, and then turned his back. ‘I wonder why General Groves is doing this, what’s in it for him?’ Kenneth continued to analyze Groves. He had heard from the other scientists Groves came straight from Washington D.C. He had gotten orders from the top of the top to run this assignment. Kenneth himself had gotten high orders to organize this bomb testing.

It was 1945; the Second World War had just started few months before. Germany had declared war on many European countries, and it was just a matter of time before America would enter the chaos. We have to be prepared, it is mandatory to take defense against the upcoming storm. At least, that’s what the military leaders had said when they created the Manhattan Project.

There was a crackle on the loud speaker, “Attention all workers. Bomb Test will begin in T-minus seven minutes. Everyone please head toward the main observation building. Thank you.” Kenneth and General Groves made their way down from the lab and up to the leading observation deck; a large, dome building made of lead. “Bomb launching in five minutes!” the loud speaker continued, “Please put on your safety goggles when entering Observation deck.” Kenneth put on the large, metallic goggles. They were tight and rather hurt General Gores’ large head. “T-minus two minutes, until bomb launching,” Sweat began dripping down Kenneth’s forehead, and down toward his chin. It then dripped off his chin to “plop” and impacted onto the floor, much like the explosion they were about to witness.

“Launch will begin in T-minus fifty nine seconds.” What was about to happen would be pure history. The way Kenneth saw it two ways, it would either work like he hoped, or blow up in their face and become one of the most famous failures in history. “T-minus thirty seconds” General Groves looked at Kenneth with a worried glance, but included a small smile. “T-minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,” Kenneth began sweating heavier and heavier, until his whole face was covered in water. “…three, two…….. one. Bomb has been launched.” There was a faint noise at first, as all the crew, staff, and soldiers were silent and looked on.

BOOM! There was a sudden blast of light. It was so bright, even with the goggles, you had to look away. It was almost as if the sun had fallen out of the sky, and hit the ground. As the light dimmed, a huge cloud of madness took it place. It was an enormous cloud of radiation and dust. Inside was a marvelous display of tornadoes made strictly of fire and chaos! After seconds of staring, the crew felt one of the other, many effects of this death machine. The impact winds blew fiercely against the observation deck window. Underneath the explosion, was a thirty meter layer of radiation dust and smoke. The witnesses of this ungodly explosion were just speechless. Even their brains were empty, thoughtless. What had just happened in front of them was an explosion the human race had never seen before.

About a good, twenty five minutes later, Kenneth and General Groves were attacked by congratulations and handshakes. The General was gladly accepting them. Kenneth how ever, was still stunned by the explosion. As a crowd of top rated reporters and scientists continued to roar with success, Kenneth stared again at the mushroom cloud that head just taken out acres and acres of desert plains. ‘What happens when this becomes a reality? What happens when these are people, real human beings we are blowing up? God have mercy. God have mercy on all those people’s souls, including mine. I helped them do this. I’m just as responsible.’ General Groves put his hand on Kenneth’s shoulder. “This is a proud day for America!” General Groves laughed. Kenneth pushed his shoulder away from Grove’s hand. “But is it worth the blood shed and suffering that is about to begin?” Kenneth looked out at the ruins of the desert plains. This truly is, the beginning of the end.’

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