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Live and Learn

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“Rebecca, remember what I told you. Make sure you come to a complete stop before you continue past the stop sign; you can’t just roll through it. Rebecca, make sure you look both ways, Rebecca know all your signs and use all your signals.” my dad would constantly remind me.

“Okay, Dad, how many times are you going to tell me, I understand?” I kept thinking of this conversation between me and my dad after my… Well, let’s start from the beginning. It was the day I got my driver’s license, I thought that day would be proof to my dad that I know how to drive and I don’t need him to always be watching over me, it was time for me to be on my own. I wanted him to understand. A month passed of my driving on my own, everything going smooth sailing, and then another and another. Then the cooler months came around, it was around mid November when I, Rebecca Johnson was in a car accident.
Shortly after school released my friends and I wanted to meet up at the mall for a little bit of shopping and to eat. It was raining on top of being pretty cool outside. Before heading out to the mall, I stopped at home to tell my parents where I was heading and about when I would be home, and then my dad got started. “Rebecca, I know you remember me telling you about rain and it being slick on the roads make sure you…”
In his mid sentence I said “Yes, Dad! Thank you for reminding me. I got it and understand.” As I was leaving, I shouted a quick I love you with a kiss on the forehead and I was on my way.

Made it all the way out to the mall, my friends and I had a blast, and before I knew it, it was time to go home. As I was walking to my car, the breeze just kept hitting me, harder and harder. On my way home all I can remember is sliding off the road crashing my first car without any way of stopping it. Next thing you know, I’m lying in a hospital bed with my dad leaning over me.
“Dad?” I asked with a puzzled look. I remembered somewhat of what happened earlier this day, so I knew the heat was about to come to my ears. “I know, I know you told me to be careful, and I know you told me to pay attention, but I just lost control… I couldn’t even explain to you exactly what happened, I just want you to know I’m sorry…”
I knew he was about to rub it in he told me so since he saw I wasn’t severely hurt but as a shock my dad leaned over and hugged me as tight as he ever has before and said, “ I love you, baby; I’m just glad you’re okay.”

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