Thoughts of a Drifting Mind

November 30, 2013
The girl sat on the hill as the sun set, reminiscing of the days gone by and dreaming of the days to come. She thought of when she was a young child, playing, on the same hill, running with the wind, chasing butterflies, and picking wildflowers. She had not a care in the world.

The girl thought about the hardships she had endured and was able to overcome. She thought about all the blessings God had granted her. The girl then thought of all her family near and far, those that were still on this earth, and those who had past. The thought of them made the girl feel both happy and sad and a bitter sweetness overcame her.

The girl heard the birds twittering and the leaves rustling as the wind carried the whispers of evening to come as the dusk settled in. She wrapped her arms around herself curling up to stay warm.

The girl’s mind then wandered to him. How it felt when he held her in his arms. How his lips felt when they brushed across her forehead and gently kissed her lips. She thought about all the times they had laughed together. The conversations they had, the memories they had made. How he had squeezed her hand and she had smiled because she knew he cared.

The girl was content as she made her way back down the hill that day. She imagined her life in the future and had a feeling of hope. Even though there was a chill in the air from the darkness which had now settled in, she felt a sense of warmth and happiness as she felt grateful for what was in the past, what was in the present and what would be in the days to come.

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