When the Reflection Ripples

November 11, 2013
When the Reflection Ripples

One day I was simply walking down a street in my neighborhood, for it was the first day in the past five that it has not rained. My rain boots squeaked on the wet asphalt. A car drove by and I became entranced with the sound of water splattering beneath its wheels. As another car came by, I was forced to head to the safety of the sidewalk. When I arrived, I continued my leisurely walk down the side of the street.

I slipped on a puddle, but when I fell, I got up, and stayed by that puddle. I just stayed there admiring the ripples in the puddle in which I had slipped. When the ripples finally settled, I began to see my reflection emerge. I could see my pale face, for once not hidden behind my long black hair. My bright, sky-blue eyes appeared to pop off of my face. I had never noticed how beautiful I was.

Never have I felt more beautiful than when I was surrounded by nothing but gray skies, cold, damp air, and slippery puddles all around. In that puddle, I felt confident for once in my life. I loved who I was! I was unique, important, smart, and beautiful! Then, a shadow came across my face, and someone's hand gripped my face with a tough, forceful grip. It was terrifying, but all I could focus on were the ripples in the puddle, blurring my beautiful face. I felt a cold, sharp, and jagged piece of metal come to my neck. My neck burned insanely, but all did was stare at that puddle. My still blurry reflection became even blurrier when dark red droplets landed on it. My blurry reflection turned red. Then, the shadowy person released their grip, and my now not-so-beautiful face's reflection got very close.

The puddle, now stained red with my blood settled around my face. I finally see my reflection again, but I don't recognize myself. I wondered who this mangled figure was. It couldn't possibly be me could it? I had no more time to think about it. All that came after that, was darkness.

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