I am who I am

November 22, 2013
You know that girl you always talk about?
The girl you call fat?
The girl you shove in to lockers and hit?
The one who tried killing herself?
Her name is Heaven Wagoner.
She's 14 years old.
Has a whole life ahead of her.
She's sick and tired of feeling alone.
She's tired of being bullied.
Then one day.
She took a stand for herself.
She told her Bully...
" I am tired of you pushing me around like I am so rag doll. I am tired of you trying to contol my life, when you have no meaning in it at all.
I am tired you making me feel like I am worth nothing, when I am worth everything.
I am done letting your words and actions get to me. From now on, I will be the bigger person and put my foot down to you when you bully me or others. Just because you feel so low, and bad about yoursef doesn't mean you have to make others feel the same way. I think you need to grow up and face reality, there are more people in this world then just you."
From that day forward the bully never bothered her again.
I would know because...
That girl is me.
That bully gave me countless scars mentally and verbally.
But, I still over came the pain, and lonleyness. So if your being bullied, you know you can stand up for you.
Rise above it, and stand tall and strong.

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