A Painful Love

November 12, 2013
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I never believed I would be one of those people to love someone so blindly. I always was the girl who thought of responsible. I always played by the rules that were laid out in front of me. But all it took was a second, a single action that would take away my innocence and destroy my future.
I remember my mother always telling me," Have safe sex," or my father yelling," Don't use drugs." I should have paid attention to all the details, to all the facts. But I didn't.
I ignored the rules, thus was cheated of my future.
I am watching myself giggle and huff on the drug that is in my hand; I watch as I grab the nearly empty bear can from the shelf and drown it down without a second thought.
I don't protest as a stranger pulls me up, nearly naked, and pushes me on the bed. I feel my innocence slipping.
I moan and toss but he won't stop until he's satisfied with my body. He jerks, fast, and I cry out, drunken, with pain. He stands, does not give me a second look, and moves on.
I have been punished, I believe.
A month or two later I'm kneeling over a toilet, my mothers hand pulling up my hair to keep it from the dirty water. I feel a small nudge within me.
My future is gone. I drop out of school, holding my enlarged stomach.
I lose everything. I never learned to say no, remember this.
YOU can say no...

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