November 8, 2013
By DeeTheRapper BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
DeeTheRapper BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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Sitting back in his chair. Bored out of his mind. His eyes getting lower and lower. He’s got MGK’s music in his ears. But he slowly begins to fall asleep and a dream cloud pops up over his head. The dream shows a flashback. Aaron and his parents are having a heart to heart conversation. Aarons parents are trying to explain to him that everything is not sweet and all that glitters is not gold. Aaron looks them dead in the eye and replies “ I know but I really wanna shine right now ….. and you keep telling me the skies the limit. I wonder if I can fly right now?” Aaron grabs his book bag and walks out the front door. Now he’s headed for school. They had a pep rally at school and Aaron was in it randomly. He approaches the microphone. The principle ask Aaron. “What do you wanna be in life kid?” Aaron shares his vision of being a rapper and becoming famous sooner or later.

Everyone in the gym laughs and shouts “Your not gonna be famous living in this town.” Aaron didn’t really care much what they thought. He knew what he could do and wanted to prove everybody wrong. After school Aaron went to work. He’s a bag boy at a small town grocery store. He makes minimum wage. And takes alot of trashing talking from his boss. Today Aaron got chewed out for rapping while he was mopping the floor. His boss told him he had to work a double shift and to close up when he leaves. Aaron didn’t get off till midnight and he missed his ride home and he didn’t have any money for a cab and he dropped his phone in the mop water at work. So he just walked home in the midnight rain. Out of no where lighting struck. Aarons life flashed before his eyes. Him and his dad where having another conversation. He tries to tell Aaron he needs to be apart of the family business and that’s what he needs to be. Aaron tells his dad you could never tell me what im going to be. And a voice comes threw to Aaron it tells him go home there a surprise waiting for you. Aaron gets up, rubs his head and begins to think “ Life is hard well at least I get to see my beautiful crush today though she makes my life worth living.” Aaron walks down his street. Hands in his pockets and kicking rocks. All of a sudden his crush walks out her door. Aaron stands in aw. She has low self a steam but not in Aaron’s eyes. He considers her to be the worlds prettiest girl. She walks up to him and hugs him tightly and says “ Where have you been all day? I been waiting for you.” Aaron looks her in the eye and kisses her like the very first time and they both hop in the car and are on their way to the worlds biggest mall. They walk in holding hands. The manger at there ask them “May I hope you sir?” Aaron smiles and looks around and says “I want it all.” Aaron wakes up with a message in his head. Never give up on your dreams. He gets up from his chair and walks in the living room where his family is and says “I am going to make it.”

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