November 12, 2013
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I can feel the meaning drip of my tongue as it is said. The “rrrre” is a blur, a sound held in the air long enough to vibrate through my core. The glue, the middle, the unnoticed “son” clings to both ends. Without this knot, the arcane word loses everything. And before boredom strikes, the selfish lack of care, “nate” stabs the heart in a clear concise manner. Suddenly I am human, articulating a single word, with a wave of meaning. Resonate.

The clash of a glass of wine, colliding and clobbering a pristine white kitchen floor, as blood-like liquid escapes and begins to paint a contrasting image; the jargon ends and the crowd is silent. The hammer, the anvil and the stirrup echo in recognition. Pause. Pause. Pause. The sound moves through you, a deep pulse of shaking air, unconsciously it resonates.

The slits of your eyes glance momentarily at an obscure portrait hung in an office building. To do list’s, worries, hunger, opinions, the past, the present, the future: blank. Whipping your head back, a bombardment of memories stagger your mind. Absorbing the impressionist piece, you revert back to a cafe in Paris. Finger tips coated in pigments of color, a thought comes to life through the smudges of pastel. Youth and desideratum glow from your heart. The breeze, the moment, the aspiration, it resonates your mind.

Touch. Rough, knowledgable hands slide down rose petal soft skin. All senses shut off, as the the mind focus’s on areas of contact. No speaking, eyes shut, and calm breathing. Small swirls are traced in the fragile make up of your body. The purpose of life, for this split second, is clear. Your body sighs in content; such simplistic, pure, saintlike, touch resonates your heart.

Resonate: Let each moment alter previous conditions. Learn to tune your senses into the impact of each day. Feel all that you neglect, the world breathes on your mind each second. Resonate the knowledge acquired, the love produces, the feel of living.

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