Old Blue Chevy

October 24, 2013
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As i walked outside the the glare of the sun blinded my eyes, it was bright and the wind started blowing carrying me to the direction of my truck, making my raven black hair flood around my face. I began walking around the back of the faded blue Chevy. The paint was peeling down the scratched and chipped siding but it still shined in the sun light. A layer of dirt sat on the outside making it seem more rustic and older than what it was. I glided my hand down the side, it felt smooth but towards the edge it was cracked from where the paint was peeling. I took my hand away and saw all the dirt and grim that now covered my hand from touching the truck. I wiped my hands off on my jeans and gently placed my hand to the drivers side door of the cab and hoisted my self in the cab. The cloth seat were hot from sitting in the sun and it smelled like musty hay with the attempt of a vanilla scented car fresher hanging in the rear view mirror. It didn't cover up the scent but I kind of liked the way they smelled together in that odd combination. Placing the key in the ignition I turned it forward, as the old truck rumbled to life making the frame rattled with the intense power of the engine. I let it run for a couple minutes with foot on the brake. After a couple minutes the rattling ceased and I applied pressure to brake putting it in reverse and slowly back out in the street.

Pulling away from my drive way I began to wonder if I was ready to face the truth. As I was driving every mile of this road seemed to hold an important memory of us. It was a one lane road with pot holes and cracks with weeds growing up out of them making an attempt at life, but in a way no matter how bad the road got I hoped in the back if my mind that they would never fixed this road and it would stay this way forever. Grass about ankle deep swayed with the wind and the trees made whoosh sounds as I passed by them. As I made the first left turn, the rusty barb wire fenced appeared.

Instantly my mind had a flash back to when he was still alive. It was a day much like today except I was only about 12 years old at the time. "Let me come with you! I can help you!" I said with confidence as my uncle loaded the bed of his truck with fencing and posts. He sighed a little bit and laughed lightly. "You don't even know how to build a fence like this, why don't you go play or do some norms girl stuff rather than act like such a tom boy all the time?" A smile couldn't help but stay on his face as he said this. " Because doing "normal girl stuff" is boring and I'd rather go help you put up the fencing!" I retorted plainly while putting air quotations marks around the words "normal girl stuff". I was never interested in wearing shirts or dresses unless it was a special occasion. Wearing dresses and make up didn't feel natural to me like being outside did. I'm always calmest when I'm outside because feeling the hugging warmth of the sun and cold clay earth beneath my feet reassured me. I thought about this for what felt like forever as I waited for him to respond, he had the same look on his face that he got every time he really thought about something. His brow furrowed and his eyes would seem focused. Finally he threw his hand in the air and motioned me to get in the cab of the truck with him. Excitedly ran over to get in before he changed his about letting me go with him.

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