Imaginary Tomodachi

November 1, 2013
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Imaginary “Tomodachi”

Tomodachi means “friend” in Japanese. And believe me, it’s nicer using “Tomodachi” than using “friend” in the situation I’m in!
Anna Chase is the queen of Calico Middle School. She’s has good grades, is as pretty as newly-made snow, and is absolutely as cold as a blizzard to anyone who gets near her. So… how did I even become her friend?!

Let’s see. It all started when I forgot my book in class.

“I can’t believe I forgot it of all days!” I muttered, walking briskly down the hall towards my class. The open windows let cool breezes of winter through and the sounds of the other students playing various sports. It was after school, and my mom had just pulled up. I’m not much of an academic person, but everyone in school mostly avoided me. Cursed genes…

I approached the classroom door, just about to pull it open quickly, when I heard the sound of laughter trickle out of the slightly open door. Carefully and quietly, I sneaked to the door and peeked through the opening. I couldn’t believe what I saw!

Anna! Of all people! She was sitting there - smiling! - and… and actually laughing! I almost didn’t believe it! I pinched myself and didn’t wake up from a dream. That was great and all, but what would Anna do when she realized I’d seen her!

You probably might not know this, but Anna has a nickname. “Ice Queen” No? Not familiar? Well to the students of Calico Middle School, it’s a nickname to one of the most scariest students in school. Anna always has a glare on her face, whether she knows it or not, and is cold as a blizzard during winter! More than once, all she had to do was silently glare at someone, and they’d run away in an instant! After bowing and apologizing for doing whatever they had of course. That’s why she’s the “Ice Queen”! Me? I just stayed out of her path. I don’t feel like getting a cold wind from her any day!

“But I need to get my book!” I muttered. I had leaned against the wall to the left of the door and slid down into my current position. I was thinking over the best course of action. Running away, of course, was the safe reaction, but if I didn’t get my book, my mom would call me chicken and march in to grab it! Safest, but most risky. The other course of action was to actually walk in and… get the book. I was too scaredy-cat to do that, but it seemed like that was what’s going to happen.

Sighing, I gave in to the inevitable. Standing up, I steeled my will to go in and try to act like I’m not a scaredy-cat. I pulled the door open and… immediately froze from the icy glare Anna gave me. But I saw the hint of surprise, and I found myself actually starting to move again. But this is how it started.

“Ha ha ha! Really? No way!”
“Ha ha ha! That’s amazing!”
Silence. *Creeeeek*
“What?” Anna snapped.
“I-I just need to get my book!” I scampered across the room and quickly reached my desk. Grabbing my book from the inside of the desk, I just as quickly scampered back to the door. But before I did, I heard Anna murmur “Did you hear me…?” That gave me the courage I had to ask the question that peaked my curiosity.
“Who were you talking to?”
Bam. Everything seemed to come to a grinding halt. Or at least it felt like it to me.
“What?” Anna snapped.
“I-I said w-who were you talking to…” I said, my courage starting to drain away. Anna spent a few moments glaring at me. To my surprise, the glare softened into confusion and uncertainty. I flinched and looked away, but not before I saw a spark of resolution in her eyes.
“I was talking to my friend! My imaginary friend!” Anna declared, standing up from where she was sitting on a random desk.
“Imaginary…?” I said without thinking.
“Hmph! What’s your name anyways?” Anna asked.
“Vince Clet.” I said without thinking. Thought I beat myself up for it, it actually felt nice to say my name instead of hearing it in rumors.
“Vince Clet… The guy with the freaky eyes?” Anna asked, looking directly into my eyes. I flinched and looked away. “Hmm.”
Anna grabbed her backpack, which was sitting next to her on the desk, and walked off to the door. Before she walked through, she looked back and said “I think your eyes are cute.”
Dumbstruck, I froze there for a few moments as she walked out of class and from my sight. Shaking my head, I chuckled. At least she didn’t use “pretty”. I left the classroom and all thought of Anna and her imaginary friend was quickly forgotten as I worried about the night’s homework. But Anna didn’t forget…
The next day, I walked into class to find Anna fiercely declaring “Stop bullying Vince Clet! He’s my friend! You mess with him and I’ll deal with you later!” *Thud*

I dropped my backpack as I quickly tried to run away. Unfortunately, Anna was as fast as she is strong. She quickly caught up with me and dragged me back into the classroom. I quit struggling as dragged in front of the entire class. Instead of the usual nervousness, I saw looks of pity directed at me. Great. Just what I need! A victim of Anna Chase!

Anna held onto the collar of my shirt as she shook me for exaggeration. “You hear me?”
“What are you doing?” A familiar voice asked Anna from the doorway. I looked to find Hugh Simons, my best, and only, friend in Calico.
“Hugh!” I said gratefully, my voice only sounding slightly strangled.

“Who are you?” Anna asked, after glancing at me.

“I’m his best friend! Hugh Simons!” Hugh said defiantly. “Put him down and no one gets hurt!”

“Hmph! Why should I?” Anna said sniffing disdainfully. I was starting to feel like I was the mouse toy caught in the middle of a cat fight.
“Ummm… Class is starting soon.” I said weakly, in an attempt to stop the soon-to-hurt cat fight. “How about you guys do this another time…?”

Anna’s eyes blazed as she glared at me. I almost squeaked with terror.

“…Fine.” Anna said. She glared at Hugh. “Lunch time on the black top.”
Hugh nodded and Anna let go of my collar. I fell on the floor and Hugh rushed to my side.
“Hey! Vince! You still alive?” Hugh asked, shaking me.
Wincing as my neck stung from Hugh’s shaking, I answered “Yeah, I’m fine. Just. Stop. Shaking. Me!”
“Sorry!” Hugh said. “Anyways, I’ll make sure to beat Anna! You can’t count on me!”
I was going to say “No! I think there’s a better way to do this than beat her.” but the bell rang and Hugh went back to his seat. But guess who I had to sit through the entire class with looks of pity and a piercing glare? This guy! Sigh… Even the teacher looked sorry for me!
At break, I ran off to the bathroom to hide from both Anna and Hugh, who were both flaring intensely at each other. It even seemed like they were fighting telepathically! Even if I did go hungry afterwards, it was worth not living the fifteen minutes being scared out of my wits.
I looked at the window. A blond kid with pale skin looked back. I had the average looks of every normal person out there. So what qualified me for the school where most drop outs and “freaks” were in? My freaking eyes. It just had to be!
Emerald green eyes with pupils like a cats stared back as I went through the motions of trying to look even the slightest bit human. No luck, just like the last few years of my life. It’s all cool when you’re five, but wait until you’re 11 and capable of feelings!
Sighing, I waited out the rest of break sitting in the corner of an abandoned bathroom. It was my usual hang out spot when Hugh would get either suspended for violence or was skipping school to “rebel.” Notice how I left out getting sick. None of these kids get freaking sick with colds or fevers! Sniffy noses seem to be the exception though…

The rest of the periods before lunch passed by quickly to my surprise and horror, and I was soon dragged out to the black top with Anna and Hugh.

“How about you guys just work this out?” I tried as I felt every rock I was pulled over on a nameless area. There was a lot of people staring at us. “I mean, you guys should be friends and cooperate!”

“No! She’s crazy!” Hugh protested. Anna simply glared at me. The students started making a circle around us…

“It’s not my fault that some brute wants to show off.” Anna said.

“Why you-!” Now every student was looking down at me with looks of pity…

Hugh let go of my left arm and started to raise a fist. Anna let go off my right arm and jumped back. Me? I got kind of annoyed of the pointless arguing and there was a certain pebble that had ripped a hole in my pants. Thankfully it wasn’t “there”…

I jumped up and walked right in the middle, about to show just how “irritated” I was. There’s a certain limit I can go of being scared and irritated before I explode. Yet another reason why people avoided me.

“You. And you. Stop FIGHTING!” I ordered, pointing Hugh and Anna. “Shake hands and be friends! Or I’ll MAKE you!”
Hugh seemed surprised at this new side of me, having only seen the scared part and the grateful part. Anna looked amused at me, like some kind of cat playing around with a terrified mouse. Freaking cat people…

“Hmm. Truce?” Hugh said, for once actually willing to be peaceful.

“I agree.” Anna said, looking like she finally found the perfect toy.

“Now how about we get some lunch and discuss how to treat another friend?” I said, faking a cheerfully tone. “One way to be nice is to not drag them on the ground!”
And that’s pretty much what happened. So now I’ve got an “ice queen” and a rogue cat with me. What else is going to happen? Oh right, we made a darn club. But that’s all I can tell you. I don’t think Anna and Hugh would want me telling this to new students. Anyways, good luck! You’ve got three years to hear the rumors about the three of us!

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