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First Day of Kindegarten

As I walk through the door of my new kindergarten class excitement fills my body and I can't stop smiling. I see many other kids my age already playing and having fun like its just another day of summer. The walls are painted a bright yellow adding to the playful atmosphere. My parents stop at the door frame and I suddenly remember that my parents have to go to work. My mind goes into chaos and becomes a whirlpool of thoughts. I'm completely terrified to be left alone, until my soon to be teacher, comes to welcome me. “Mrs. Smith” is spelled in bold blue marker on a name tag attached to her chest. She has a big smile that could make anyone feel at home. My parents start to walk away and I can't seem to let go of their hands.
“You have to go now honey,” my mom exclaims.
“It’ll be fun, this is a great school,” exclaims my dad giving me a pat on the back.
“No, daddy I don’t wanna be alone,” I cried out.
“You’ll have so much fun, don’t worry about it,” he replies.
“This is really an awesome place little guy,” Mrs. Smith says brightly, “You’ll make tons of new friends.”
“We’re going to be late for work honey, stay here and have fun,” mom said enthusiastically.
“But...” I said on the verge of tears.
“No buts,” replied dad.
“Bye honey, we love you,” said mom, looking for a small smile in my face. I barely show my teeth making them know I wasn’t too happy with the idea of them leaving me in a place where I’ve never been before. They force me to let go of their hands and I'm left only with Mrs. Smith.
“Hi, little guy what's your name?” Mrs smith asks.
“Dan,” I reply.
“What an awesome cute little name,” she answers happily. She starts asking me about my summer and I give her short answers anxiously awaiting my introduction to my other classmates. Mrs. Smith walks me over to a boy named Ralph. He was red-headed with freckles sprinkled all over his face. When we get to his desk Ralph is eating glue like it’s Mac and cheese. Mrs. Smith quickly stops him and makes me sit down next to him. Skeptical of the boy eating glue I simply take out my notebook and start coloring in it.
“ So what's your name,” asked Ralph is a husky voice.
Surprised by the tone of his voice, I stare blankly at him.
“Hello?” he asks again.
“Dan,” I reply, “it's Dan.”
“Hey Dan, I’m Ralph”
Still looking for an answer I ask, “Why does your voice sound like that?”
“Ohh,” he laughs, “I’m sick, my mom says the glue is really getting to me.”
I let out a quick smile and we continue talking about all the things in the world. I find out many new things about him. For example, he went to this place called “Hawaii” over the summer. Doesn't that sound really awesome? He starts telling me about all the beaches and the pools there. He says that the beaches are so blue and clear that you can see all the way down to your feet. It all sounded really fun, and before I knew it the day was over. Unfortunately, I would have to wait until tomorrow to keep listening to Ralph’s awesome stories about his vacation. As my parents came to pick me up I went to them excitedly.
“Hi, honey” my mom says, “Did you have fun today?”
“Yeah!!” I answered with the biggest smile.
Mrs. Smith came over and said, “He was great today..I even think he made a new friend.” She looked over at Ralph who was packing up his things. Ralph gave us quick glance back and waved goodbye. I excitedly waved back hoping tomorrow would come sooner.
“ Well I’m glad you had a great time today bud,” Dad said, “Say goodbye now.”
“Bye Mrs. Smith, see you tomorrow” I replied saddened that I had to leave so soon. “Hey Mom,” I asked walking out the door, “Have you heard of this place called Hawaii?”

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