The Car Hunt

October 15, 2013
By Hetaku66 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
Hetaku66 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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“Ryan! Where are you?” An angered Kenny shouted into his phone with a snarl, glaring at the device as if it were a demon. He and his best friend, Ryan, had both gone Halloween shopping at rather large shopping mall to get some things. They got eggs, candy, silly string, and a 24 pack of toilet paper that was being carried under the agitated teen’s arm. Ryan had took the other things on his way to go find the car, letting the other hold the large toilet paper pack.

“Shut up, Kenny! The car is lost in a sea of automobiles and bikers.” He whispered the last part into the phone as he quickly walked by a biker group who were watching him make his way through the parking lot. He sighed as he heard the groan come from the agitated German who was probably pacing back and forth. At this point in time he felt like he was playing a video game where you had to be sneaky and not get caught by the cops.

Kenny whined before growling into the phone. “That’s not my problem dude, now hurry up!”The brunette quickly tapped the screen, hanging up. It didn’t feel as fun tapping the screen in anger instead of snapping a flip phone shut.He slid the phone in his pocket, readjusting the pack of bathroom necessities under his arm. The male heaved a sigh, sitting down on the curb. His tired brown eyes glanced around the mall entrance before looking down at the large pack of toilet paper. “Might as well entertain myself.”


“Where is my car?” Ryan whined to himself as he kept looking around for his vehicle. It’s been almost an hour and he still cannot locate the car. “Ken’s gonna be so mad...”He tried looking for signs of where they parked like gum or other cars or even people. Maybe he could call a cab to come get him and leave Ken behind… No, that’d be too mean… right? As he thought about actually leaving his angry friend behind, he spotted a new, blazing white Camaro parked all alone in the back of the lot. “YES! Finally!” He jumped for joy at the sight, running straight to the vehicle. And just when he got to it, he slide over the hood and kept running. He had completely forgotten that they ate at the at a nearby restaurant before they had come to the mall to discuss their plan! What idiots.

“Ken’s gonna be so...” Ryan’s sentence was cut off as he got to where he knew they had parked. This time he knew they parked there earlier! Right under the small oak tree next to the large black van that the fast food restaurant used for its daily deliveries. When he tried to put the pieces of what happened together, he noticed a sign laying next to the spot. The male slowly approached it, lifting it to be a ‘no parking zone’ sign. Ryan was really in for it now…


“Hello?” Ken said nonchalantly as he answered his phone, slightly relieved to hear Ryan’s light voice over the static-y microphone. “Did you find our car? Please tell me you did, I’m so bored. I’m so bored that I built a little fort with all this toilet paper we have!” It was true, after waiting about an hour and thirty minutes, the German had gotten extremely tired of waiting and made a little fort around himself with all the toilet paper that they were never going to use unless Ryan hurried up!

“Well, uhm, not exactly...” A soft, awkward chuckle came from his lips as he nervously looked to the side. “It may have been towed...”


“I’m sorry, dude! It was an accident! I didn’t mean for it to get towed! In fact, wasn’t it your idea to park under the tr--”

"Shut it! Look, just find some way to get the information for the during company.Okay?” Ryan was hesitant for a moment before giving a sigh on his side of the line and telling him he’ll find out what to do.


“God dangit, where is Ryan?” Kenny muttered bitterly under his breath as his leaning tower of toilet paper fell over. For the sixth time already. He was going to make sure that his “friend” would pay for this. That car was brand new, too! Even though it was a used car it was still new to Kenny!

Being in deep thought about how to repay Ryan, he heard a horn blare in his direction. Ryan was in the backseat of a taxi, awkwardly waving to the angered other. Kenny groaned, but then heaved a sigh. What was the point of getting mad if they had now found a way home? He was waved over, reluctantly getting in after gathering up the toilet paper.

“You have fun waiting?” Ryan asked with a small chuckle, seeing how torn up and dirty the bathroom necessity was. Kenny glared darkly at him as he sank into his seat, muttering, “Let’s just go already.”

The sweet, young taxi driver nodded her head, blond bangs covering her eyes. “Where to?”


After a pretty long drive- filled with an awkward silence- they arrived back at Ryan’s apartment.

“Finally.” The two male’s said in unison as they cast a small smile to each other.

The small driver giggled, looking back at them with big emerald eyes. “That’ll be thirty seventy-six.” She said, smiling adorably.

“Ryan, pay this sweet driver.” Kenny said, winking to her which made her blush profusely and then smile a bit wider.

“I thought I gave you my wallet when I went in search of our car?” Ryan replied, shooting him a nervous look. Kenny patted his pocket, finding now wallet.

“Hehe, about that….”



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