The Will To Live

October 11, 2013
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Today someone almost died next to me. He started shaking and blood was coming out of his mouth. Like most of the other kids I was in shock, but I immediately took action. I saved his life. Im not saying this to assert my role as a “hero” of sorts. I say this because everything happens for a reason. For the past three years I have been battling with extreme depression. I had lost my reason to live so to speak. I couldn’t think of one good thing worth not killing myself over. Today I saw the look on someone’s face who truly didn’t want to die. He was scared, and all the while I asked in my mind. Why? What is so special about life where your eyes are almost screaming “don’t let me die!” that was when I realized that everyone has a future unless it ends this very second. Possibilities are unknown and that is what drives most people to want to live. They want to know what could have been , they want to experience more. Today I learned that life is more than just struggling and trying to survive. Life is about experiences and making memories. The driving point in life should determine the outcome in death. What did you live for? What will you die for?

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