Drug End

October 4, 2013
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Drug End

Another day in paradise, thats all I could think I mean man this city’s nice. I just moved out of my parents place, yeah I’m only sixteen but yo what’s the problem with that? I got my life settled, I got my homies and they got back just like I got theres, it’s all cool. I’m living the life, no parents to tell me what to do, who I can hang out with, or best of all when I have to get home. Its so nice, I mean I’ve been out to all these parties with so many friends, I have the life any young man wants. I mean I got it all settled out, dropped out a school the other day. Been sixteen for about ten months now. Few months till I’m seventeen so it ain’t to bad. Just a year after that and I can do mostly whatever. It’s hard finding some jobs out here now so I be helping my homies get some cash from their business. So being in that job I have to carry a gun, its tight though I know how to handle it. Haven’t had to use it yet but if I gotz’ to then I would. I ain’t afraid to pull that trigger. Got my beats by Dre, man my homie hooked me up with these, they nice. Being in this drug buiz ain’t too bad I mean I get free drugs, and free stuff. I’m always blasting my music its some hit stuff, but not much I have to do anymore always walking around with at least 5g in my pocket and no worry. I don’t have to worry about money or worry about getting a job. I’m set. Get to go make my own deal tonight I’m pretty psyched, I mean they all trust me now to do it on my own. My main homie, T, I’ve known forever I’m sharing a crib with and we be partners.

Get to go help my buddy in the club tonight, it’s easy for me to get in there I mean with a fake I.D. and how big I am. A 6’2” kid well built, I get it all to easy but yo I ain’t complaining. I mean we been sittin’ up in this crib all day it seems like, we ain’t done nothin today. We gotta wait till around five tonight befo’ doin anything. I mean we just had this big meal for lunch and man I’m tired. I’m sitting in this comfy chair one a my other homies brought over for me as a “man” chair. Ha I love it, but man I’m so tired I just start dozing off.

Well man I wake up and its already a lil’ past five, I guess we all passed out, so I go over and wake T up and our other homie. “Yo T, bro get up we gotta head on over man.”

“Shut up man, go back to bed..” T was obviously not awake.

I go over and push him, “T get up now man we gon be late for the deal bro, and we know J will be mad we ain’t on time bro.”

T was finally up and he knew J hated people who were late so we all get ready and go hop in our nice new ’92 Cadillac. We pull up and all get out of the car we got our shades on and our guns in our pants. We all walk to the back where we all chill at, I gotta wait by the back door though. While I’m just chilling over by the back door, I notice still got an hour till my first deal but oh man. I see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, Marisha, I’ve been going to school with her since first grade. I still remember our first dance in middle school as a sixth grader, she was wearing a red short dress, that just made her look beautiful that night. I had actually went up and asked her to dance with me that night, but she is always the most beautiful girl ever. She’s the only one to ever make me feel special, for her I’d drop everything go back to school just to be with her. But man I know I ain’t that lucky to get a good one like her. She kept glancing over at me, and since I still had some time I went over to her.
“Hey Marisha, how are you doing this lovely night? ”
She gave the most gorgeous blushing smile, and her adorable giggle. “Hey Mike, I’m doin’ fine, how are you?”

“I’m lovely Marisha, thanks for asking, what are you doing down here so far from home?” I could tell I changed the way I talked, I always did I wanted to show how smart I actually am.

“Needed to come out and have some fun on this Friday night, why are you here?”

“Ah you know, I’m here with the boys and about to go um yeah.”

“Boy, if you don’t stay outta trouble.”

“Ha I’ll Try girl, but hey wanna go dance?”

She took my hand and nodded, gosh she makes me feel so good, I can actually be my normal smart self. Everyone knows that before my whole dad hitting me I was different, it didn’t go down well and everyone knew us homies didn’t call the cops so that was out of the question. The only one I could act better around now is her and T. We started dancing and talking and right when I was about to ask her if she wanted to go for a walk, T waved me over. I told her I’d be back, she knew what I was going to do, she knew how much trouble I was in. Marisha grabbed my hand as I started walking away and I looked at her. She looked me dead in the eyes with a look and asked to please not go, she didn’t want me to do it. All I did was shake my head and told her I had to. I didn’t have to do anything but I was already in and couldn’t back out, the security guard knew what I was going to do and checked around and then opened the door. I walked out taking long deep breaths, I was scared but I had to act tough. I made sure my gun was showing just a little but a guy and four other really big guys were there. I couldn’t check now or they would take it as me jumping them. I walked over to the guy who walked alone, I knew he was the one. In a super deep voice, looking away from me the smallest guy said, “Lets go over here.”

I walked towards where he nodded, “So you got the money?”

“Kid I got the money, don’t act tough, just give me the crap.” I could tell he knew it was my first time, I started freaking out, I almost dropped the stuff.

“Where’s the money?”

He shoved the 2g in my chest hard, he started walking away, God I was happy the deal went and I was done. I was walking towards the door that the security guy had locked so I knocked. He was opening the door for me since he was blocking it, but when I turned the last guy to head out a the alley the biggest guy with the buyer was right by me holding me against the wall pulling a gun on me but I hurried up and pulled mine out, he didn’t have my hands. Bam, Bam. I dropped fast and hard . I saw was him on the ground, he was right in front of me, soaked in blood. I ran inside and I knew I had done the wrong thing but I didn’t want to die, I knew they would kill me and take all my money I had and the rest of the drugs. I ran all the way to her and lost it. I was a wimp and I knew it, It was hopeless of me, I cried because my first deal went completely wrong. I knew no cops or anyone would get involved because it was a deal, and everyone knew J and if they messed with him well there was no if. Thats the only thing about this life, I know I won’t get in trouble but I might have people on my back if I don’t leave. I started crying and she just held me, I was tough but I just couldn’t, I know I can’t do this alone it’s to much. I want to be home, but when T came up to me to see if I was good he knew I couldn’t handle it. Him and a few of our crew had went out to make sure all the other guys were gone and make sure no one saw. They took the body and got rid of it. J came up and patted my shoulder, nodding. He knew I tried but it just wasn’t for me. He leaned in and whisperd, “Bro we got your back whenever you have my number holla if you need me. You did good it shouldn’t have gone down that bad. Go on home bro.”

Marisha held me tighter and said, “Come on Mike, let’s go out to my car and I’ll take you home. We can talk to your parents and I’ll stay there every step of the way with you.”

She was everything she had known about my past and even what I had just done and she was still giving me a chance. I’m the type who wants a serious relationship not some play book, and I think she might just be the one to help me be normal again and get out of this hard life, my homies know how to work it but I just I can’t. All I did was give T a bump and whispered, “Sorry bro I messed up but I gotta go.”

“Bro you did great, these thief's will get the rest of it pretty soon, don’t worry just go on bro. Will talk later.”

Everyone in the crew gave me a nod, and they all respected my decision. After that we left to Marisha’s black small Charger. We got in, and on the way we went to my parents crib. Right now starts a new me and a new beginning of my life.

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