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Fight for Life

As I woke up and stumbled through my dark freezing house banging and scratching was all I could hear. Surprisingly I wasn’t worried about the fact someone was at my door in the middle of the night. I was too caught up in the fact that my fiancé became my prince charming. Not in my dreams, not as a fantasy in my head but my hopes came true with his new attitude.

A couple of days ago he finally came through with what I have been arguing with him. He decided to finally step it up. The other night he showed up late from work like always, but this time we got into a fight after I accused him of sleeping around. Then he just walked out, telling me that nothing was going on and I had nothing to worry about. I didn’t believe him until he came home 15 minutes later with flowers, chocolates and a love note explaining what was going on. I felt so bad. The whole time he was just planning the perfect honeymoon for us. He missed his flight for work and stayed another night to prove he cared and left 5 hours ago for a business meeting in New York. That night keeps running through my head. Over and over again.

The person at my door screamed and shot me back into present time, making me remember why I was even walking though my house.
“Hurry,” she yelled again.

While approaching the door I screamed, “Who is there,” not knowing if the person could even hear me.

I opened the door and bam, a young woman about 16, long blonde hair, skinny with beautiful blue eyes fell on the ground. “Are you okay?” I asked trying not to panic.

“Close the door,” she screeched.

“Okay, okay, do you need an ambulance?” Everything was happening so fast it was like a tornado just hit ground and everything was spinning. All I can see was the blood falling from her face and arms, she is bruised from head to toe. Old bruises and freshly new ones form around her body like she has been encountered with abuse. Scratch marks cover her body like she has been through a struggle it’s hard to see her beauty because of all the distortions to her face. She is so young how could this happen? I fall down to her side and grabbed her hand, she was cold, almost as if she was already dead.
“He is coming!” she shouted.

Those where the last words out of her mouth. I felt her cold hands come to a slow stop. She looked at me with her ice blue eyes wide open staring into the distance as if she was looking towards the light, making me shiver in fear until I hear a loud bang.
“Hello,” I screamed into the darkness wondering if anyone was with the girl laying on my floor. There wasn’t a response, which was typical.

I guess I was caught up in the fact that she just died in front of me to even remember the fact she said someone was coming.The hallway was narrow, the door right in front of me and behind me was the staircase leading to the second floor. The phone was behind me on the table but I couldn’t seem to stand up to reach it to call for help. Everything keeps going in and out of blackness and the next thing I know is that I was being dragged up the stairs and pulled into the bathroom in the middle of the hallway.

The celling was flat grey and white swaying back and forth. While I stood trying to figure out what was going on I tried to find the man, I could hear his breathing behind me but when I went to turn around he grabbed me hard and everything went black. All I knew was that the shower was on and the water was pouring into the tub. The warmth of the water was rolling out into the room making it steamy and hard to breath.

The man in the room was mumbling something, he mentioned god, and death of a whole family and then became silent. The voice was deep and settle, I couldn’t think, the voice sounded so familiar. Yet, I couldn’t make out who’s voice it was.

He stood me up and threw me on the bathroom sink and ripped my pants off. His hands where smooth too smooth, he possibly had gloves on. I started to scream and he shoved something over my nose and mouth while he gently kissed my neck. I shivered and tears fell down my face. I tried to yell but all that came out was a loud hum.

Next thing I know is that I woke up and nothing, nothing was there, my body was aching and the water the was steaming up the bathroom was cold. I must of been there for a while. I still couldn’t see, I didn’t know if he was still there or not, I screamed for help, and nothing not a sound was made. I screamed again and nothing happened.

My arms they were tapped to the bathtub. I couldn’t move them, I tried but nothing happened. I tried to reach the tape with my mouth but I could barley reach my hand. I gnawed at the tape for what seemed like a century, my mouth was bleeding I could taste it, blood mixed with adhesive. I finally gnawed enough of the tape to rip the rest off.

I pulled the tape of the other arm and scrambled to take the thing covering my eyes. But there wasn’t anything on me, the room was dark as night. I climbed out the tub and started feeling the floor to the wall so I could pick myself up. I felt a foot on the floor thinking it was him, the man. I shot back and hit my head on the wall then shot up.

I flipped the light switch on and the light was brighter than I ever imagined, I had no clothes on and my body looked pale white. I was wrinkled form the water, she was there. The girl who knocked on my door, the girl who brought him in my house. She was dead, laying on the floor next to the tub.

I couldn’t look at her, I couldn’t look at her bruised beat up body any longer. So I ran out the room and fell down the stairs, I had marks on my thighs like scratch marks, that weren’t there before. I didn’t know what to do. I grabbed the phone I called 911, I didn’t know what to say, I scrambled my words I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously, even though they said they would be right there.

I grabbed the gun out of the drawer beneath the phone and ran to my room, I locked myself in the bedroom. I sat there and examined my body, so many bruises just like the girl before me, who could do that to someone. At least I was still alive.

I threw a large white baggy t-shirt on and sat in my bed starring at my engagement ring. Next thing I know the phone rang, I answered just incase it was my fiancé.
“Hello.” There wasn’t a reply so I repeated myself. “Hello, who is there?” All I could hear was breathing. “I know someone is there who is this!” I screamed one last time and right before I hung up someone spoke.
“Meredith it’s me, Brad.”
“You scared the s*** out of me. I can’t talk for long. What do you want Brad?” I wanted to get off the phone but his voices sounded odd, out of breath. It was strange. Why call and not talk right away?
“Just seeing if you were okay, I heard that something weird was going on today” He spoke worried and amazed that I answered, almost as if he was expecting someone else, or no one to answer. “Well I’ll let you go now, stay safe.” He just hung up, I haven’t heard from Brad in a month not ever since we got into a fight. He accused me of ruining his life by telling him that his girlfriend he was cheating. It wasn’t my fault but he blamed me for everything. I was just trying to let him know so he wouldn’t get hurt finding out the hard way.

When the cops showed up and banged on the door I thought he was back, the guy who hurt me. So I huddled up to the wall until I heard, “clear.”

“I am up here, please help me,” I screamed to them. After that they gave me a blanket and brought me here for questioning.

The detective sat back with a worried look and asked me if I could do a line up and see if I could pick out the guy due to his voice. I told her I would try, but it would be hard. His voice was in my head, it repeated over and over again, so that wouldn’t be hard but emotionally it would be.

When I went to pick out the line up there were only 5 people, I couldn’t see their face the room was dark, I could only hear their voice. As I listened the voice returned, I slowly spoke out, “that’s, that’s him.. that’s his voice.” It sounded like Brad exactly how brad did on the phone.

“Number 3 and 4 please step forward.”

As the lights shot on I could start to recognize the face... my finance, how could that be. He is supposed to be out of town, his voice doesn’t even sound like that. Then stepping form behind him Brad stepped forward, they were chained together.
“Ma’am these two men were found fleeing together from the scene of your house, we only needed you to recognize one of their voices for evidence.”

My fiancé then spoke out “You were right sweet heart, and I knew you were starting to catch on. You knew Brads girl was cheating, It was only a matter of time that you would of figured out with who. I had to do it, I had to kill her, she was going to tell you but I didn’t have the guts to kill you. I just needed to get away.” And those were the last words he said, before they hauled them away.

“I guess you want to believe that there's one relationship in life that's beyond betrayal. A relationship that's beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn't.” I used to believe he was the one, the one that wouldn’t hurt me. Now look where I am alone, and broken.

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