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A friend's Betrayal

As I lay in my bed tonight, I realize that softball try outs are in 3 days. I really want to go but my friends say I’m not any good. I think if I had more practice, I would be really good. If I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Brooke Johnson. I’m 14 years old and I have a brother named Brandon. He is off at college now. He has always been my parent’s favorite. He has good grades and has always been the best at everything.
I woke up today and ate breakfast and caught the bus to school. I sat with my best friend Amber. “Are you trying out for softball”? I said. She said “yes. I’m pretty sure I will make the team.” “So, what position are you trying out for?” “3rd” she said. But I didn’t want to tell her that I wanted to play there because she would have said I was really bad. Before we got off the bus, I said “Do you know who the coach is”? She gave me a nervous look which I thought was really weird but she didn’t answer me.
Anyways, when we got to school, I grabbed my books and went to first period. Of course, Ashley was in there being snobby as always. Ashley is Amber’s best friend. She doesn’t like me at all. To be honest, I don’t like her either. She pitched for the team last year, so of course she is going to make it. When we went to lunch, I went over to sit with Amber. But Ashley started whispering about me so I left. I don’t know what that was about. I had to sit by myself. I have never done that and it felt like nobody liked me.
After I got home from school that day I called Amber. I said “Why did you let Ashley talk about me like that”? She said “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have let Ashley talk about you. So I said okay and left it at that. My dad and I went to the park and he helped me practice my swings. I have to say, I have gotten a lot better. I went to school and I heard Amber and Ashley say something about me. After Ashley left, I went up to Amber and said “Do you not like me or something”? She said “I never said I didn’t like you, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t tell her to stop being mean”. I walked away really upset. But what was funny, I don’t think Amber tells her to stop talking about me because I know that if she did, Ashley would get really mad at her.
I just remembered that softball tryouts are today after school. I got there and everybody was staring at me and laughing. I asked if anybody wanted to throw with me and nobody answered. So I had to throw with my dad. Which was really embarrassing? Then I saw the coach come on the field. I didn’t recognize him but it seemed like Amber and Ashley did. They kept whispering and joking around. He told everyone to line up at second base and short stop called “the bucket drill”. I missed a ball that was hit to me and everyone was laughing. I made a bad throw the next time and they did it again.
I didn’t think that Amber would keep making fun of me but she did. I was so nervous and scared to hit because I knew that was my weakest part in softball. The coach made Ashley pitch to everyone of us. She pitched fast. And I was the last batter. I didn’t hit one ball at first. But then I saw Amber and Ashley make eye contact and smile. I didn’t know what was going on. She was in her wind up and I threw the ball as hard as she could. Before I knew it, the ball hit me straight in the stomach. I fell down on the ground crying. Everyone was pointing and laughing. I felt like I was worthless to everyone. Considering my house was about 2 minutes away, I ran all the way home. The coach called my dad and told him what happened.
My dad was a little disappointed in me for running away. I had a huge bruise on my stomach. Amber texted me and asked if I was alright. I texted back and said “No I’m not alright! You kept laughing at me. I thought you were my friend”. She texted me back and said “I am! I’m really sorry. I miss you; you should come to my birthday party!” I couldn’t help but say yes. It was tomorrow night and I was so excited. I put on the cutest dress and the prettiest shoes and it took me 2 hours to get ready. My mom said “Honey, why are you getting ready to impress your friends”? I said “because I want them to like me”. I could tell my mom was confused because I have been friends with Amber since we were little kids. But I didn’t want to tell her that she was being mean to me and I just wanted to get her to be my friend again.
My mom took me to the address and it was an old building. I was a little confused. I went in and I saw Ashley and Amber laughing at me. They said “We were just messing with you, there is no party here”. I cried and left with my mom. My mom was upset to see me like this. She called Amber’s mom and they talked for an hour. I heard my mom screaming and I think she said “Your daughter is bullying my child”! But that’s all I heard. I forgot about it over the weekend and the last day of try outs are Monday. This was today.
I went and put my cleats on and threw with my dad again. I did pretty well and I heard somebody say that they were going to make a cut tomorrow. I laid in my bed and was so scared. I woke up, put my clothes on and ran out the door. I got on the bus, which seemed like it took forever to get to school. I went to the gym to see the roster. I knew... I knew that my name was not on there. I didn’t make it. I walked away but something caught my eye.
The coach’s name was on there and his last name was Harrison. That was Amber’s last name. I realized that her dad had been the coach the whole time. Amber came up and said “I never liked you; my dad didn’t put you on this team for a reason.” “Your horrible at softball”. I just stood there speechless..

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