Old and Young

September 21, 2013
I feel so old. I don’t know why; I’m thirteen, for God’s sake! I have my whole life ahead of me! But then I realize… I’m thirteen. The average life expectancy is around seventy-three.
I’ve already lived around twenty percent of my life, and I’ve accomplished nothing.

And then I think of how fast time passes. Yesterday feels like two minutes ago. Two years ago feels like two hours ago. I can still remember when I was six; sitting in elementary school, thinking it would be so long before I went to middle school. I feel like my whole life is slipping away, second by second, and the hands on the clock are rotating to my death day.

Isn’t that a shame? Isn’t that a crime? I am young, I am strong. But I am also slowly dying.

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AwkwardPenguin said...
Sept. 4, 2014 at 11:04 pm
Dang, I'm 16. I feel kinda old now.
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