Her Sorrows

September 19, 2013
By , laurel, MD
Painful memories of a horrible past. Wishing they would go away but the hope doesn't last. Heartbreaking stories of a girl that lived long ago.

She was tall with short curly hair, blonde was its color and green were her eyes. But scarred were her arms and her thighs. Her dreams were thrown away for a very small price. Love for a boy who said he would make her his wife.

She gave it all away on one stormy day. It was raining it was pouring and soon she'll be mourning. With every step she goes against her mom. He left her the next day she was never the same. The tears started falling and her blood started dripping from her wrist to the floor. That girl she was wishing that she didn't live anymore. But sadly her wish did not come true, and the girl she didn't know what to do.

She felt stranded and lost, and her love it came with a terrible cost. The loss of her innocence was so severe. All she wanted to do was leave everything she held dear. She couldn't tell her mom for fear she would be scorned. Couldn't go to her dad for fear that she wouldn't be his little girl anymore.

She felt abandoned she felt alone. She had no were she could call her home. Thinking all were against her, she had no one to turn to. Her only friend was a blade, which she used to end her life.

With every cut she lost another piece of her heart. Then she meet someone who couldn't bear to see her cry. He told her " If you die so do I." In hopes it will stop her suffering.

She promised she wouldn't die, but still she cut still she burned. she did everything that would keep the pain alive. But still she kept her promise... but then one day when everything became to much, she called him in hopes he would talk her out of her plans. She couldn't reach so she left him a message. saying she was sorry, saying that this was the final goodbye.

She drove to a rickety bridge over a deep flowing river. Rolled down all the windows and said a final prayer. Called him once more to hear his voice again. He said hello she said goodbye and started to drive. He begged her to explain, she told him she was sorry but she couldn't go on another day. Said " Don't keep your promise 'cause i'm breaking mine. I just wanted to call and say goodbye." She drove off the bridge and the last thing she heard before the water started rushing in was him screaming "No! Please I love you!!" These words put her at ease, she closed her eyes said " I love you to" and let the water take her final breath away. And she knows now she will never live another horrible day.

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