After Years The Forever comes Into Play

September 7, 2013
I was excited that summer was finally over. We all were secretly wishing for the comfort of soft cold snow. The towering clouds that sincerely promised blizzards. The colder it got the warmer my heart felt. I swore I would never change over time and remain the same. Promises I could never keep with my self. Lies that kept me up at night. And a broken heart that loved solos. My cheeks were cold and blushing. My white mid turquoise dress fluttering during the Storm. I held the warm sweet mug of cocoa with marsh mellows in my hand. I could still here the radio. My friends warm with comfort inside dancing. I never noticed Elijah outside. I would of thought he was inside dancing with our daughter. She looked so much like my mother. The same soft thick bronze curls and large Hazel eyes. We named her Emali. I smiled at the thought of her. It was crazy just thinking that nearly eight years and several weeks we had ran away. Tomorrow would be the nine year anniversary. It was only after Emali was born we got married. I felt somewhat out of terms for breaking the rules. I let that emotion go. As a family their were new additions children and others who got tired of life. The house was nearly full with over 21 people living here. When we started out with fourteen teenagers. It was beautiful because we all got what we wanted and lived in a place where things did end happily ever after. Elijah came to my side and watched the storm approaching beside me. I knew that this had to be sweet forever. For once in my life I felt that I made all the right moves and won the game against life.
Sincerely Alison,

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Apr. 23, 2015 at 11:01 pm
The End...
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