August 29, 2013
By , Bellevue, WA
My heart endlessly strikes against my chest like the hammer of a thunderous drum. Without the warm supple, luscious lavender scented hand I usually embrace, I instead tightly twine my damp palms around the cold plastic handle of my bulky baby blue polka dot suit case. My other hand trembles as a thin flimsy piece of paper flaps around in the tips of my fingers. In dark bold ink the paper writes “ONE WAY TO TOKYO, JAPAN”.
I haul my hefty suitcase as a high pitch squeak squeals from my large suitcase. My feet smash onto the metal railway and each thunderous step I take, I near closer and closer to a large dim gateway. Next to the door stand two tall slim ladies in dark sapphire flannel skirts and feathery vivid crimson scarves swathed around their scrawny necks tucked under their sharp crisp collars. Their dark auburn silken hair slicked back into tight tiny buns enables large scarlet and glistening smiles to beam across their polished and powdered glossy faces. I leap between the dividing gapping crack between the railway and the airplane as I bear the heavy suitcase with my clammy hands.

I scan for aisle 24B as I smack into the rigid seat handles. Other people’s sticky grimy backs rub against mine as I squeeze my way in between the colossal bodies enclosing the tight walkway. Sweat dribbles down the side of my forehead and my arm quivers from the weight of my suitcase. I squint and peer my eyes over to what looks like 24B. I dash my way through the sea of people as I grasp ever so tightly to my suitcase hammering and pummeling my way towards the seat. As I gasp for breath, my lungs fill with moist and rancid air. I drape myself across the grubby ragged polyester seat. The murky sweltering air sheathes my body as my face turns red like a scorching beaming sun. The shrilling whines and the shrieks of toddlers ring through the drums of my ears. Suddenly the entire floor rumbles as a loud roar thunders throughout the cabin. I clutch onto the rigid metal seat handle and scrunch my eyes. My entire body shudders as the plane fires top speed. The forceful pressure of the planes speed propels my body, gluing my back to the chair. My body tenses tighter and tighter and the plane finally rockets into the atmosphere. The plane smoothly soars across the frosty wispy air penetrating through the misty clouds. My ears burst like a giant balloon and a large ball lodges inside my throat. My stomach flops like a large pancake and I thrust my tiny plump hand to the seat beside me but no embraces it. The hand on my clock ticks but the plane continues to glide through the misty air. I glance to my right and only my large blue polka dot suitcase escorts me for the ride. I gaze out directly to the soft translucent clouds hovering through the shadowy sapphire sky.

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