The (Hot) New Guy

August 28, 2013
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I walk in and three pairs of eyes land on me.

I have made a fairly normal entrance, smiling knowing i'd be meeting someone new today. One guy, and one girl, staring and wondering. My superior saying, "here she is now, one of my best students."

Naturally I said "Hi, i'm auna!" Both introduced themselves, both smiled and sat quietly. See the girl was a redhead, not that it's significant, but she is a a redhead, and she's a mother. A redheaded mom. I've don't have a thing against redheads, but it was obvious she wasn't natural. Before she even spoke more than three words to me, I judged. I made a guess that she had a tramp stamp, I later came to find out I was right. Why I thought that, i'll never know, but she has a bunny rabbit on her back...

And the guy. If we were playing a game of guess your stereotype in high school, he's be, "I'm an athlete, i'm cocky, and I can date any girl I want." While this is a very true statement, i've come to realize that he fully accepts what he is. But he is what I call drop dead handsome. He's one of those guys that even guys say he's good looking. He's like an older version of Ryan Sheckler with less tattoos, oh and dimples! That smile he gives is that cocky smirk that can make a girl melt with one look, and that laugh, it's the perfect combination of a deep chuckle and kinda throaty, it works for him. But my favorite thing would be the wink.

Well after we got introductions out the way, and the day went on, the guy tried so hard to prove that he was better than me. Unfortunately just because you're older does not mean that you are better hun. Since that day three weeks ago we bicker back and forth, but now it would be classified as "flirting". I don't see it, but everyone else says it is. I have no problems with the girl, she kinds mommies everyone and protects us like her little children...I don't really care because she feeds me, so i'm fine with it!

Back to the guy, he's a total jerk, as to opposed to being a partial jerk. He is so frustrating! Making feel inferior and unintelligent when he's around. He's the stereotypical cocky college student. Everyday we go back and forth with insults and pranks, and eventually he gives me that cute cocky smile, and I do that little grin like Serena in Gossip Girl, and that's the end for the day. The next day is a brand new day, and it starts all over again.

Technically we have no issues, only the ones we create. But creating those issues with him are worth it. This is a true story, and has never been admitted to anyone I work with. See i pretend I hate him, and he thinks I have a boyfriend. I do have a guy but we aren't together and I don't hate him, I don't hate anyone.

Word of advice to anyone dealing with hot guys...Wear sunglasses so you can stare all you want. Oh and remember unless you are trying to be played, they are simply arm candy, i've learned this the hard way, and I want to spare you the heartbreak. Wish me luck...because tomorrow we spend 7 straight hours working together, I don't know how i'll survive.

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