August 17, 2013
With a numbness in her stomach she dialed his number. She knew it by heart. It went straight to voice mail. "Hi It's James, leave a message!" Even the beep sounded friendly after his warm voice. SHe thought for a bit, she had so much to say but no idea how to get it out. "I'm sad" she sighed into the phone. Her voice was low, barely a whisper. Silence met her like a brick in the small of her back. "We miss you" she whispered with tears in her eyes. She hung up and looked out her window to the darkening sky. Why did YOU have to leave? She thought quietly to all the stars peaking out. And it hit her. She will never see him again, not his annoyed face or his half smirk. No, she will never hear him laugh or sing along to the records he would always play for her. She would never go on another adventure to the park with him where they would swing and talk for hours. He was gone for good. Her knees buckled and she couldn't breathe. Tears flooded the valleys of her face. Gasping for breath she crawled into her bed and waited hours for sleep to rock her into a gentle dream.

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WonderWisher said...
Aug. 26, 2013 at 7:29 pm
Good overall, but I think  you could have elaborated mor eon who she was calling and why. You could also elaborate more on WHY she was calling? What was thier connection with each other? who is he gone? dead gone? Or did he just leave her? But overall it was really good! I hope I helped!
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