The Figure

July 11, 2013
By TheWarHasBegun. SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
TheWarHasBegun. SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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" UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

Wake up, brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on your favorite sundress because we're going for a walk in the Meadows. There are flowers and cute little bunnies. Let’s skip through the wood to the Meadow.

The Meadow, so beautiful. You sit down and read to all the critters, the bunnies and squirrels. Oh look, it seems like it's going to storm. The bunnies seem scared, you reach out and touch it, and it dies by your hand, your touch. You pick its lifeless, limp little body in your hand. Why? What happened? I didn't do anything. Thunder cracks, the earthquakes. Oh no, you better run. You start to get up, just then the sky turns pitch black. The flowers and bunnies, squirrels too, die. The leaves fall off the trees. You scream and run as you see a Figure across the way. It follows you. It's gaining ground as you reach your door. Wait, no, it's not your door it's A door. You are banging and scream hoping it will open. It's locked. What are you going to do? Just as you were going to run further away, it opens. You have enough time to get inside and shut the door before The Figure grabs you.

You wait..... and wait.... It's been hours and you think it's safe. You try to open the door and yet again it's locked. You start to panic, how are you going to get out? A sharp pain rises in your back, where your heart should be. Your knee buckle, you fall on your face. Blood quickly surrounds you. You see the Figure standing there laughing. It's bored again, so it turns and starts its departure. The blood drained from your veins, but why are you still "Alive"? You're stuck in Limbo, the in-between; it has so many names, so pick one.

Sharp, shiny knives appear. Knives are all around you, swinging from the ceiling even. Knives of all kinds and sorts.

It's your turn to pay for the life you have taken. No, not for the life of the bunny. It's time to pay for taking your life. You killed yourself. The Figure it's YOU.

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