Desperation Calls

July 20, 2013
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“Hello?” She said.

“Maya, hi.” I said, relieved that she had finally picked up.

“Is something wrong? Are you feeling alright?”

“No, I’m fine honey…I…I just wanted to hear your voice.”


“You haven’t visited me very much since-”

“I know.” She said flatly.

I hesitated; “I miss you.”


“Honey, you there?”


“Is there something wrong with your phone?”




“I’m sorry. You know that right?” My voice begins to crack.



“Yeah. I know.”

“Mama would have wanted-”

“Don’t tell me what she would have wanted.” She snapped.


“Look…I gotta go, It’s Ella’s bedtime.”

“How is she? I… haven’t seen her in a long time.”

“She’s…been having trouble sleep. She makes me check for monsters.” I can tell she’s smiling. I grinned; “tell her monsters don’t exist.”

“They do.”


“I gotta go.”



There was more I needed to say.

“I love you.”


I could hear her breathing.


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