Momma’s Portrait

July 20, 2013
By mnandaku GOLD, Markham, Other
mnandaku GOLD, Markham, Other
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Ms.williams didn’t like the picture I drew of mama I thought it was cause I coloured outside of the lines but she said it was the boo boos on mamas arm that made her a little worried I told her that mama always gets new ones ms Williams asked how mama gets them I told her the monster makes them ms Williams asked me about the monster I told her the monster doesn’t look like the ones in movies with six eyes and lots of teeth she asked if I knew who the monster was I said no I lied I did know I know who the monster is but mama said I shouldn’t tell anyone because then they’ll take me away I don’t want to be taken away from mama she said one day it would all stop one day the monster wont be so mean anymore and we have to be patient with him mama said the monster isn’t that bad but the monster makes her cry the monster makes me cry ms Williams asked if I had any question to ask her I asked her why mama loves the monster.

The author's comments:

Mama’s Portrait- A stream of consciousness of four year old Maya’s conversation with her teacher. Her teacher is disturbed by the picture she has drawn of her mother with bruises all over her body. Maya refers to her father as a monster but does not inform her teacher out of fear of being taken away from her mother. She’s confused by how her mother could love someone that was responsible for their pain.

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