memory of the memaids

June 21, 2013
By , needham, MA
Memories of the mermaids
They gave us one hour. The doctors told toby and i that our fathers cancer had spread into his heart. We knew the chances of him living were one in a billion. I slipped my hand off the ice cold bedside handle as I told father for the last time i loved him.
He wanted us to remember him in happy ways, but nothing was happy about losing your dad at age 9. He smelt of cigars and peppermint candy. He would always kissed toby and I on the forehead before we went to sleep, to keep out the monsters.

Dad would tell us to meet on the carpeted stairs with milk and fresh warm cookies. He sat toby on his lap and me next to him. Our bright wide eyes staring up at him. His raspy voice was so kind and gentle. It was as if the whole world stopped to listen.
“When I was your age, Uncle Jim and I used to sit on purple clouds in your grandfathers nicest suits and dress clothes. One day we were looking at the ocean when Jim said he was a sea monster in the water! Our bright blue eyes scanned the ocean for the mystical creature. OVER THERE!!!Jim called. We both dove in the freezing water and began racing to the nearest rock for a better look.”
“Daddy why can’t the mermaids come again? “Toby would always ask. Mermaids were his favorite. Father and I gave knowing eyes to each other. Dad and I had a special bond like that. All of us together, toby dad and I, against the world. Every Sunday we sat by the stairs hearing stories about the unthinkable.
Today is Sunday, but this time T`oby and I are telling father a story.

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