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12:30 a.m.
The dark night rises throughout the cold, silent room as I take my seat in a row of many. A brilliant light shines from ahead. Scenes and pictures of a fictitious tale exude from the light. Not but a second goes by before chaos takes over, and time stops. Now a new light I see is shining from lands beyond. I approach it gracefully and I am gone.

9:30 a.m.
A kiss on both cheeks, and a suffocating yet loving hug; she was a free spirit, bound by no constraints, like a gust of wind, she so flew away into what was like a new town of other free and pure spirits. Innocence and virtue, all together in one place, at that very moment. Not but minutes later, the little town is swarmed. They all want to know. I want to know. Why my baby has not returned.
2:49 p.m.
My lungs close to failure; sweat piling up on my finely-aged skin. The flags are but mere steps away, and there I see it. That winning smile I long to see. It’s my smile too. Her sparkling eyes are mine as well. Every time I look deep into them, it makes my heart explode with passion, like an enclosed bomb ready to detonate. I extend my arms out, ready to receive that embrace I love ever so dearly. Less than a moment passes, my body struck by an inexplicable force, my ears screeching. She and I will never meet.

Memories fade and people change. Time is a demon to which society has fallen. The world never stops spinning, and there is simply nothing we can do but stand and watch.

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