I have got a letter for u dear, please do find time for it.

July 18, 2013
By Lakshmy PLATINUM, Kumily, Other
Lakshmy PLATINUM, Kumily, Other
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Dearest Annie,

It is not on a sleepless night that I thought about writing a letter to you, but it is when I found that I am missing a better part of myself. Life is getting really busy, and it is making me go crazy. And missing you makes life a hell for me dear. I really that warm hug which found solutions to almost anything in my life. My textbooks seem to make fun of my efforts, saying, “You can never catch me!!” And it really makes me wonder at why we are being so pressure-cooked when we can be better individuals in our own talents...

Life has not shown a rough face to anyone of us, but you know something? When everybody around compels us to get ready for ‘future’ we actually are missing our ‘present’. This might seem odd to you, but think. Hasn’t this ‘getting ready’ made you and me a different person? It has. Just compare how our lives used to be two years back, with hours over the phone with each other the day before exams, just to know how much we have studied, to plan what we will study and then again after an hour repeat the same thing once more!! Now even on holidays all what we can discuss is about the percentage we are gonna get and how we will get into a college. Hasn’t the endless topics to chat about reduced to a mere two or three topics??? Aren’t you missing the beauty of friendship we used to share?? Well, I am. You might have found new friends to share your world with, but here I find no one to match you.

Dear, try not to pretend before the world what you are not. Because acting forever won’t be that much fun nor would it be worth the effort. Be true to yourself. And those who value your presence will never judge you. I believe that what I expect the most out of my life is not a great career achievement or lots of money. I expect my life to be filled with love . Because true love can undo the worst of life’s hardships. And I know how dull life can be without someone to raise your soul to; a true friend by your side! Wish things would change and that life would bring us back together. How I wish I had someone to talk to about my dreams of changing this world to a better place, of finding how the universe began and how to cook well !

We have always been planning about doing something for this society, to support those who need help and to give a meaning to our existence. But how? I think it is time we took it up seriously. The society has many a leaders, but none of them are interested earnestly nor are they concerned about the worst changes setting in our society. It really makes me sad to know that our nation is degrading daily, from pride to poverty, be that economically , socially or morally. We are indeed losing what we call our ‘roots’, the cultural and traditional values of a society that was once the most majestic of them all. And that is a shame. I believe that we as individuals can make some difference somewhere and benefit someone and thereby prove to the rest of the world that good things can still happen. But first of all we need to make ourselves strong and willing to get into the mud-pit and get dirty.

I know that what all I have written is purely unrelated and not in any order. But this is what my heart says. And in there, logic doesn’t have a strong role to play. Still I know that you understood every word of it and what I meant through it. I have written this letter to you in order express the pain I feel when I expect your presence and you are not there. Though we learn all the formats in ‘how to write a letter’, our thoughts still stick to the undisputed attitude of ‘talking to my buddy’.

Finally let me show some formality.

Hope you are doing well and that your studies( and ‘getting ready for future’) is going well.

Have a good time ahead. And let your mind, hear and soul be set free to learn new things and may there be perfection in all what you do. God bless!
With love.


The author's comments:
Felt that someone out there would be having the same thoughts..
I have never written a letter before, but if I would write one it would be very similar to this. Dedicated to my best friends in hostels..

Missing a true friend is indeed very hard!!

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