First Impression

June 30, 2013
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You! Hey!

Wait up! Please!

You walk fast, you know that? Another minute and I would've been out of breath!

Hey, hey. Wait, I'll stop wastin' your time. Sorry.

You see him over there, right? That big guy with a black coat? Real shady man. Real shady.

Anyway, I hear he's been lookin' for you. Yeah, you!

Wait, hold on. That's not all. Er- mind if I walk with you? Less attention that way, yeah?

Hey, sorry if I was bein' rude to you, man. Let me introduce myself: I'm Randy. Lived here my whole life. Always wanted to be a good hunter, but hey, bartending isn't all that bad. Get to hear a lot of things on the side. Lots of things.

Sam, is it? Hey, no last names, yeah? It's better that way. Trust me.

Plan on stayin here long? Yeah, I wasn't all that surprised. I dunno why tourists like you still come here- this place is full of shady people.

Hey, you know what? Let's go to Shae's Diner over here. They got real good coffee. Tea? Yeah, they got tea too. They got a lot of things.

About that shady guy. Said he seen you too many times. You know how people are, real suspicious and such. I'm just lettin' you know, man.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know he's thinkin' of askin' you a few questions. Might wanna lay low before he does. Know what I mean?


Ahem, well. Guys like him don't "ask," if you catch me. Yeah, I know a few things about him, a few secrets. But I'm tellin' you now, man. You want to stay away from him. Far, far away.

Oh, decaf. Thanks.

Right, what was I saying? Oh yeah: stay away. Once he's got an itch, he'll do anything to scratch it, know what I'm sayin'?

Why I'm tellin' you? You look like a nice guy, Sam. Real nice guy. I'd hate to have innocent guys stuck in this mess of a town, eh? Once you're in, you'll never get out.

Ah, well, it was nice talkin' to you. Hey, if you ever wanna find me, I'll be workin' at Dan's Pub. Midnight shifts. Catch ya later, Sam.


What the hell?!

Someone call an ambulance! NOW!

Hold on, Sam. Hang in there. Hey, relax, hey! Hang in there!

Oh my god-

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