What Happened? Part 1

June 25, 2013
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“Grandma... I thought they said they’d....live forever....”

The war was over. Some of the rulers died, some were just old. But the good is what won, and what is still alive, what will always be. Malakai’s daughter, July, had a grandchild. And her grandchild had her friends over and they wanted to know the story behind Spirit Warriors. So they all sat down somewhere comfortable. And July told the story.

“Franciaz was the first born. He had a world like no other. There was peace, happiness, and love. The music was older than you’ve ever heard of. The ruler was June Carter. But one day something changed. He was fooling around but got trapped in a cage and froze. The rest of the world died. 2000 years later The Angel Wizard was born. He was unfrozen and went back to living life. He didn’t know what had happened. Or what happened to his friends, family, and everyone else. He joined Mr. Fire’s team because he thought that was best. Turns out he was evil. He couldn’t leave because he was one of a kind, and one-of-a-kind’s could not leave. They had to be safe because if they died the world would end. And if Dandi and Dande captured them they’d kill ‘em and put them in there musuem.

Then there was Malakai, my dad. My grandfather, Zendakai, made Malakai. He was a robot. Zendakai loved Malakai with all his heart. But he had to give him up because he couldn’t take care of him anymore. So Zendakai took out his memory and left him in the middle of nowhere. Luckily Mr. Fire had found him, and restored some other kind of memory. Malakai had so many talents like no other. He had all the dance moves, made everything, best singer, and good- looking. He might’ve been bad but he had a secret. He liked girls who were nice, shy, and were themselves. He met a girl named Hadyn Dreagus. It was hard for him to tell her he liked her because...well you know.

So one day they had a baby. Well, a couple. Me and my brothers. My mother loved me, but Malakai was embarrassed to say that she was my mom. His brother Ion Gray suggested to change my mom. Or course he didn’t but if he did life would have been different. And yes I am glad he didn’t because I love my mom. But....

...let me get to the basics.

Do you remember when they said they’d...live forever?”


“Well it turns out that they can’t. That object you have to break to kill them didn’t do anything for them. It was just like any other war. If they stabbed you, you’re dead. Even though they didn’t die the first time they had gotten stabbed, it’s because they were strong, one of a kind. They had magic. They were like no other....

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