The Zombies are Coming! Part 4

June 17, 2013
By Carlos81298 BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Carlos81298 BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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After Adam died, the group was devastated. Although losing Adam was a big loss for them, they also put his death as a sign that they had to become closer and protect and watch out for each other a little better. Although nobody saw the zombie walking towards them, it was too late by the time they did. They didn’t want what happened to Adam happen to anybody else. So they everything and took many precautions to prevent another zombie attack from happening to anybody else in the group.
First they wanted to make sure the house was secure enough so that no zombie threatened their survival. Their safe haven had to extra-secured and protected. They put the extra sandbags they had at the doors just to give them a little more support. The wooden planks they had left were used on the windows so that they couldn’t be broken by a zombie trying to get in the house.
They house had an incident before the zombie apocalypse started. Six months before the apocalypse started, a robber broke in the house and stole many things from the house. The family lost many objects significant to them.
After the horrible and unexpected incident, the family called a camera company for help. They bought many cameras so that they could see if any other person wanted to break in the house and steal anything else from the. If someone tried to break in the house, the company would see it and the cops would be alerted. The family could also see the footage from the cameras through their computer. Now they could see what was going on outside of the house and be aware in any zombies were waiting for them outside or if there was a threat lurking in front. They had set up one camera in front of the house facing the street, one every side of the house, and one facing the backyard. They had also set up a fence so that nobody could cross and on top of that, an electric fence so that if somebody tried to climb, they would be shocked.
Now it had been 3 months since the whole madness of the zombie apocalypse started. Days felt like months, and months felt like endless years to them. The zombie apocalypse seemed like and endless game where all you can do is to wait and die. They were so desperate to be found by someone and get the help they needed.
“Will anyone ever find us her, alive?” said Kate.
“Try not to think negative. One day someone will find us and save us from this hell that we have been through” said Jack.
The remaining survivors in the city wondered the same thing. The police, what was left of it, from other cities tried to find people. The armies throughout the world had been either destroyed or separated from each other. There were too many zombies to battle and the armies and police didn’t have enough personnel to take on all of them. Too many of them. A third of the world population of the world had already become a zombie and there was another problem. Getting to the survivors and knowing where they were was a challenge they didn’t know how to tackle. Everything was a challenge at this point. Many of the officers and soldiers thought this was a suicide mission, a very difficult mission. Tougher than anything they had to do before.
The group had heard a helicopter flying above multiple times. It was almost impossible for them to be spotted because of all this other zombies, and besides, the city looked like a battlefield. Spotting someone in a big city full of zombies, with few personnel, seemed like an impossible thing to do.
“That the hell are we supposed to do” said one of the officers.”
“This is impossible, and we are trying to find survivors that probably don’t exist.”
“This event has wiped out a third of the world.”
“What are the chances that we find any survivors in this city?”
“This might as well just be a suicide mission and put all of our lives in compromise.”
The police tried multiple times to see if they found any survivors on the street but never actually landed on the area. The group was determined to let someone know that they were there and alive. So they tried to use the radio since it was obvious they couldn’t just wave at the helicopter and expect people to come down.
“Hello, can anyone hear me?” said Jack.
Then, after three months, they finally heard a voice through the radio.
“Yes, I can hear you” said the helicopter pilot.
‘’Who are you?’’ asked the pilot.
“My name is Jack. I am a police officer and I’m here in a house with my family.”
“Is anybody bitten or hurt?” said the pilot.
“No, nobody is bitten” said Jack.
“Ok, where are you right now?’’ said the pilot.
‘’Do you have something you can use to make a signal for me to see you?’’ said the pilot.
Jack remembered he had a flare gun in a bag just in case of an emergency.
“Yes, I have a red flare that you could see’’ said Jack.
Jack went to the roof of the house, with his flare, and shot the flare gun. The flare went up high in the air and the helicopter pilot was able to see them. Since the family was in the house, they needed more helicopters to get all of them. After 4 helicopters came to get them, they were taken to a military shelter sixty miles from the city with a big wall surrounding it. They were sad to leave their house because of all the memories and good times they had. But they had to get somewhere safe.
At the shelter, there were a lot of soldiers guarding the entrances and the whole place. Once at the shelter, they were given clothes, food, water and other things. They were happy because they knew this was a safer place to be in. After being in a living hell for three months, after losing a loved one, they were glad to be in the shelter. For three months, they had to live in the house, with the doors closed with sandbags and the windows covered in wooden planks.
They knew their lives were going to be different know because they were in a shelter at least safe for now. At least they were together, and they were very grateful for that because family is one of the best things you can have. And they will always be there for you, even in the bad situations.

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