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Bad Team Boys

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Maybe its not about the happy ending. Maybe its about the story.

Good doesn’t always win. Sometimes, you have to give the bad guys a chance. I mean, don’t you think it’s fair? Well, I do. So now I’m going to tell you a story about these bad boys wanting to rule the world. But, will they?

A cold, calm summer night, the year 0012 were a couple of guys hanging out on the street outside of their houses. There names were Lucifer, Dan, Danny, and Bruce. They were a couple of teens wanting to live forever, rule the world, have magic, and kill everyone. Of course they were just being stupid, wanting to be cool and fit in. But they weren’t.

They talked for a while as 2 people passed by. There names were Juni and Angela. They were the people who have dreamed to rule the world, but in a good way. Not like the others.

“What you two love birds doing out here?” Lucifer asked being a huge jerk like always.

“We’re not in love, nor will we ever be...we’re just friends.” Angela mumbled, glancing over at Juni.

The guys rolled their eyes and laughed. “Whatever. What are you guys even doing here? Shouldn’t you be studying.” They said looking at them.

“Juni’s just taking me home.” Angela said taking Juni’s hand and pulling it towards her. “We have to go now.” She said as they walked away.

“See you two lovebirds tomorrow.” Danny said laughing and waving goodbye as they saw them disappear. The guys walked back into their own houses to go to bed.

The next morning Lucifer woke up and got ready. He brushed his teeth and took a shower as he soon went downstairs. Lucifer grabbed a bowl, poured cereal and milk in as he grabbed a spoon and started eating and his mom walked out.

“Lucifer, why are you dressed up? You’re not going anywhere, I know that.” The mother said looking at him with wide eyes.

“How do you know if I’m going somewhere or not?” Lucifer replied, taking his bowl to the the sink after he finished eating.

“You were punished for going somewhere last time and coming back late, doing stuff you weren’t supposed to.” His mother said pulling out a seat and sitting down.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and got his stuff. “Whatever...” He said stepping out the door and grabbing his skateboard, riding away.

He soon got to a junkyard, meeting up with the guys. They all talked and walked around, looking at stuff to steal.

“Nothing good here...” Dan said passing them and looking in a pile of junk.

“Or here.” Danny said also looking in another spot.

They looked around more until Bruce yelled something.

“Guys!” Bruce yelled to them, looking in a hole with something glowing in the middle of it, as they all rushed over.

They stared at the thing in the hole.

“What is it?” Lucifer asked, pushing them out of the way.

The guys shrugged, wondering what it was as Danny bent down to pick it up.

“Don’t touch it! Dan said pulling him back.

Lucifer looked at them and then back at the glowing object. “Looks like a glass heart to me.” The guys nodded staring at it and each took turns holding it.

“Lets break it...” Bruce said holding it in his hands.

“What the hell is wrong with you? We don’t know what it is. Why would we do that?” Dan said trying to take it back as Bruce moved his hands away so he couldn’t.

“Its not like it matters. Its fun to break stuff anyway. So...lets break it..” He said almost throwing it to the floor and the guys wrestled for it as it finally dropped to the floor and exploded. They all fainted.

They laid there. Eyes closed. Barely breathing. Complete silence.

Two people walked over seeing them and looked at the shattered pieces of the glass heart on the floor. They each grabbed a piece and ran before they woke.

Soon the guys woke up and looked around, rubbing their heads and staring at the tiny pieces of what was left. One by one, they stood up slowly and leaned over, also each grabbing a piece. They made sure there was nothing left of it before they left, without saying a word.

They all went to Dan and Dannys house, studying the pieces. They all looked at each other and thought.

What if I swallow it. Its a can’t be that bad. Bruce thought to himself and opened his mouth, swallowing it. Not taking a bite.

The guys all looked at him with wide eyes. “What the hell are you doing?!” The guys yelled at him as he looked up at them. Getting up, he ran to the bathroom and threw up. But nothing came out. The guys ran over to him and looked in the toilet. “What the f*** Bruce!” Lucifer said slapping him hard on the back of the head. “You got us scared! Did you even swallow it?” He asked staring at him as Bruce nodded and rubbed his stomach.

The guys stared at him as he shut his eyes. He thought to himself again.

I wish Lucifer wasn’t such a big jerk and he would just get hit in the face already. He thought as Lucifer flinched back, as if someone had punched him in the face and they all turned looking at him as Bruce opened his eyes. “What just happened?” Bruce asked looking at Lucifer.

“Something just punched me in the face!” Lucifer replied, rubbing his face as Bruces jaw dropped.

I wish I could fly. He said to himself in his mind as he started floating in mid-air and he screamed happily as the guys watched, stepping back.

“Guys! I have magic!” Bruce yelled to them excitedly. “I just wished for stuff in my mind...and it worked!”

The guys wished for stuff in their minds as it didn’t work. “Do you think its because he closed his eyes? He was sitting?” Dan suggested as they all tired but nothing worked.

They thought for a minute as Dan swallowed his piece of the heart and he wished for stuff out loud and it worked.

One by one they did it and soon they all had magic. But they weren’t the only ones. The two people that had went and had picked up a piece each, also had magic. But of course the guys didn’t know. They didn’t know anyone else had gone to the junkyard. They thought they were alone. But they weren’t.

Those two people were Juni and Angela.

They grew up to be rulers. Exactly what they wanted. Lucifer grew up to be the Devil; Dan and Danny became the Twin D’s; Bruce became the Necrotic. For the good people, Juni became June carter and ruled the first century. Angela became The Angel Wizard and ruled the 20th century. They each ruled a world. There was a bunch of other rulers too.

This world was different. There was no such thing as God. It was only people. They never thought about who made them. But that was only before these guys turned into the rulers.

(June Carters world disappeared once the Devil’s world was born. But the guys were always friends and were never against each other, even through the battles of war, they were always on each others side.
The Angel Wizard did get married to June Carter, until he disappeared. She met someone else and made a baby named Jacob).

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