Modern day living

June 10, 2013
The haze that collected over the street lamps glowed like dim halos. They showered down in little trims, beaming slightly at the base, they continued to glitter there like clumps of lighting bugs something I dimly remember, but never seen not hear in oil sunken city. They continued, reflecting in the little pools that trickled down the cracks. My hair stuck uncomfortably agents my neck reeking of gasoline and sour gasman flower. Beads of water rolled of my skin as I walked. Dan’s burger joint was the only place open for business. There sign blinking, beckoning me in. only for a little while it called. Come just for a taste let me serve you. I wish you wouldn’t I mouthed. My stomach churned, slamming agents my sides screaming empty EMPTY! My lifeless pocket sleeves slumped crinkling at my hips, that’s not the only thing that’s empty.

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