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Your guardian

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Alone in the tragedy of life.
Your only friend, a shiny metal friend.
The razor glimpses into your eyes, Best friends, yet rivals.
You want to run, & never turn back to the sickening high you get from the red crimson slice.
But alas, you cannot. It follows you everywhere.
The scars, the bracelets hiding your despair.
You begin to cave into the thoughts, And cannot hold onto the pain & agony any longer.
Run, Run, Run, down the stairs to the bathroom.
"Pills I need all the pills." You'll say hot salty tears streaming down your still face.
You'd open the bottle faster, but your poor hands are shaking with anxiety.
"Pop." It comes off, and finally time has arrived.
About to down the bottle, the dead weight of your legs are shaking,
Shivering with fear. "Nobody loves me, so why stay here?"
You swallow the bottle, the whole thing gone, you hope you won't stay long.
That's when she opens the closed door quickly.
You look up, "who is she?" you might ask.
She is your guardian angel in a mask.
She holds out her hand, you reach out for once and quiver at the thought of being saved.
The caked on black eyeliner you once wore has made spider webs crawling down your soft cheeks.
look into the persons eyes and what do you see?
It's me.
I pick you up, off the floor, your body is numb, I've seen this before.
To the hospital you go, they'll give you help, more than you know.
In a few weeks you're saved, you're allowed to go,
a therapist helps you carry on to hope.
I have saved you,throughout this little note.
I'm just here to protect you, your savior at most.

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